[Revelation: Masturbation method of ancient thunderman!

[Revelation: Masturbation method of ancient thunderman!

How did ancient Chinese women masturbate?

The author thought that this was his original creation, and it was ridiculous.

This kind of masturbation method has been used by beautiful women hundreds of years ago. The ancient book “The Secret of the Jade Room” was clearly written: “Or in the internal genitals, . for the male stalk”, which is exactly the ancient times.Women masturbate with powdered cloth.

I have seen a post on the Internet before, and the author Yang Yang introduces a masturbation method that says he has a “full patent”: put milk powder into the condom, tie it to a knot after you are satisfied with the hardness, push your vagina, put a piece of sanitary cotton, put onTight underwear, you can masturbate all day, anytime, anywhere.

How did ancient Chinese women masturbate?

The author thought that this was his original creation, and it was ridiculous.
This kind of masturbation method has been used by beautiful women hundreds of years ago. The ancient book “The Secret of the Jade Room” was clearly written: “Or in the internal genitals, . for the male stalk”, which is exactly the ancient times.Women masturbate with powdered cloth.
Of course, the dignified Chinese culture is profound and profound. In the field of female masturbation, in addition to simple and self-made tools such as cloth bags and solid powder, there are naturally many, many delicate objects available.

For these special objects, the novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties have many descriptions, which are very strange and very interesting.

Let’s talk about Mr. Jiao, a masturbation device similar to a male penis, which has a tortoise shell, is engraved with threads, is hollow, and can be heated by pouring water.

The fifteenth round of the Qing Dynasty sexuality education reading book “Meat Pouf” wrote: “It is a great Mr. Jiao. If you pour water, you will plug it in.”

At that time, Mr. Jiao could be sold on the streets and alleys, just like an adult store now. In the Qing Dynasty’s “Lin Lanxiang Novel” wrote: “. Mr. Jiao’s system is particularly good, people who buy it or old ladies or young children”,The business is booming, and some old women and little nuns are the favorite users of this thing.

Another thing that looks like a male penis is called Guangdong Personnel. “Zhu Lin Ye Shi” describes it in detail: it is four or five inches long, soaked in hot water first, it becomes hard gradually, and then its roots are tied with a rope.Tied to the heels in both directions, and moved their feet to help them in and out.

[Baby food supplement pig liver]_Food supplement pig liver_Baby_How to eat

[Baby food supplement pig liver]_Food supplement pig liver_Baby_How to eat

Complementary food for babies. Pig liver can be used to make pig liver mud or pig liver in normal times. Generally, babies over 7 months can eat it. Prepare some pig liver properly and preferably fresh, at home.After cooking, give your child chopped pork liver and chop it into mud. Stir and use.

1. Pork liver mud is suitable for babies over 7 months (one serving) Ingredients: 20 grams of pork liver.

Practices: 1) Wash pig liver with water for future use.

2) Scrape into a fine slurry with an iron spoon.

3) Add a little water and steam for about 5 minutes.

Efficacy: Pig liver is rich in protein, which helps the baby’s intellectual development and physical development. It is a nutritious food supplement.

However, in order to avoid being hard after cooking and affecting the taste, it is recommended that mommy first scrape the pork liver into a fine slurry before making it into a delicious complementary food.

2. Pork liver rice paste is suitable for babies over 8 months (one serving) Ingredients: 20 grams of pork liver, 2 teaspoons of baby wheat flour (same spoon as baby milk powder).

Practices: 1) Wash the liver of the pig first and scrape it into a fine slurry with an iron spoon.

2) Add some water and steam.

3) Stir in wheat flour.

Efficacy: The fragrant pork liver rice paste is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients, it is a big contributor to helping your baby grow!

Pork liver is rich in vitamin K, a nutrient necessary for the synthesis and promotion of blood clotting substances.

In addition, it can also help the metabolism of calcium in bones, so that your baby can grow up healthy.

[How to stew whole chicken is delicious and easy?

】 _How to stew_How to stew

[How to stew whole chicken is delicious and easy?
】 _How to stew_How to stew

The chicken meat on the market is generally raised by farms now. Although the size of chickens has increased and the meat has increased, it lacks a pure natural flavor.

In fact, if you want to buy real natural chicken, you can go to the rural market to buy it, or even go directly to the villager’s house and choose to kill and eat on the spot.

The simplest and most common way to eat chicken is to stew chicken. So, how to stew whole chicken is delicious and simple?

Ingredients: a chicken, onion, ginger, a spoonful of cooking wine, an aniseed, salt, jujube, wolfberry, pumpkin.

Steps: 1. Treat the purchased chicken first, open the belly, remove the internal organs, and cut into small pieces.

2, boil some water, do not boil, just heat it, pour into the pot containing the chicken, remove the dirt on the surface of the chicken, and drain the water.

3. Marinate the chicken with onion ginger and a spoonful of cooking wine to remove the fishy smell.

4, put the cold chicken nuggets into the casserole, pour water, no chicken nuggets, put an aniseed flap (one is enough, more fear of the flavor of spices to deprive the chicken’s umami taste), boil over high heat,Don’t be afraid of trouble at this time. Be sure to use a spoon to skim off the floating foam on the surface of the soup to make the chicken taste better.

5. Turn to low heat and simmer until the meat is cooked. It takes about two hours. If you use a pressure cooker, it will be faster, but the taste is not as good as that of a slow cooker.

6, put some salt at the end, just stew for a while, the salt should be put last, otherwise it will make the meat hard.

7. When I waited until the chicken was stewed halfway, I added some jujube and wolfberry. When the chicken was almost finished, I suddenly remembered that there was steaming pumpkin in the pot over there. I had a clever move and cut the steamed pumpkin into pieces., Thrown into the chicken soup and stewed for a few more minutes.

Bull Group (603195) New Share Inquiry Report

Bull Group (603195) New Share Inquiry Report

Company profile The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of civil electrical products with converters, power switches and sockets as the core, mainly including converters, power switch sockets, LED lighting, digital accessories and other power connection and power extension products.Used for home, office and other electricity occasions.

Since its establishment in 1995, Bull has always adhered to consumer demand-oriented and product quality as the foundation. Starting from the sub-field of “sockets” (ie converters), it has continuously promoted innovation in functions, technologies and designs, and developedA large number of new products loved by consumers, and gradually expanded in the course of development for many years, formed “safety sockets”, “decorative switches”, “love eyes LED lights”, “digital boutique” and other categories with clear positioning and feasible developmentBusiness portfolio, “Bull” has become a household name with a household name.

Highlights of the company (1) The company has established product research and innovation advantages oriented to consumer needs, and its products are constantly being introduced.

Facing the deep insights and forward-looking studies of consumer needs, the company innovatively applies various new technologies, new materials and new processes, and through continuous micro-innovation, it has launched a large number of aspects such as design, appearance, technology, and performance.Full of featured products.

After long-term accumulation, the company has formed an effective and systematic quality control system, passed IS09001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management system certifications, and has successively obtained “National Quality Stable and Qualified Products”, “Quality Trusted Products”, “China Export QualitySafety demonstration enterprises “and more than 20 quality-related content.

(2) Relying on offline physical marketing networks and professional online e-commerce marketing networks covering nearly one million outlets in urban and rural areas across the country, the company has formed a strong marketing system for offline and online collaborative development in the field of civilian electricians.

As of the end of February 2019, the company has established nearly 730,000 hardware channel outlets, nearly 100,000 professional building materials and lighting channel outlets, and 120,000 digital accessory channel outlets nationwide.

After 9 years of intensive cultivation, we have established a professional e-commerce direct sales business operation team and a strong online dealer system. At present, the company has fully settled in leading e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, JD.com, and Vipshop.Dozens of online authorized dealers have been explored, and overseas markets have been actively expanded, and transformed into new products that are in line with the younger and more fashionable consumer characteristics of the online crowd, and achieved sustained and rapid growth in 杭州桑拿 e-commerce sales.

Wanhua Chemical (600309): Performance in line with expectations 19Q1 MDI prices continue to rebound

Wanhua Chemical (600309): Performance in line with expectations 19Q1 MDI prices continue to rebound

Investment highlights: The company released the 2018 annual results report: internal operating income of 606.

2.1 billion (+14 compared to the same period last year).

1%), net profit attributable to mother 106.

10,000 yuan (-4% year-on-year.

7%), of which the fourth quarter operating income was 146.

9.8 billion (+3 year-on-year.

8%, quarterly average -7.

4%), net profit attributable to mother 15.

8.9 billion yuan (-5南京夜网论坛2.

2% quarter to quarter -23.

3%), the performance was in line with expectations.

The scale of the report increased due to the consolidation of the sales scale of each business segment. However, as the market prices of polyurethane segment products began to fall in the second half of the year, the operating results slightly shifted.

The company has completed the absorption merger with Wanhua Chemical. According to the company’s calculation of the absorption merger, the operating income in 2018 was 728.

3.7 billion (+12 year-on-year.

3%), net profit attributable to mother 155.

6.6 billion (YoY -1.


In the fourth quarter, MDI prices accelerated to decline, resulting in a year-on-year increase in performance.

At present, MDI products are still the company’s main source of revenue and profits, and 北京保健按摩 performance is transmitted by the impact of market price fluctuations.

The MDI market reached a high point in September 2017. Since then, the supply side connected to major global manufacturers has gradually resumed and the supply has increased. The demand side has been affected by the economic growth rate and the downstream demand has been sluggish.

2018Q1-Q4 aggregate MDI average price is about 2.




26 million US dollars, the average average price is about 31% above the initial level, Q4 average price change replaced about 57%, compared with the chain replacement of about 33%; 2018Q1-Q4 pure MDI average price of about 3 respectively.




18, the average average price decreased by about 3%, the average price of Q4 replaced about 26%, compared with about 22%.

Affected by the sharp increase in the prices of MDI products, the company’s profitability continued to improve, and Q4 exceeded the chain length.

Manufacturers started with a limited supply at a low start, the margin of demand improved after the holiday, and MDI prices continued to rebound.

In mid-December 2018, the aggregate MDI dropped to about 1.

The bottom range of 10,000, but many buyers in the market continue to be bearish. Therefore, there is no large-scale stocking. The industry has a low season and low prices, and many manufacturers have overhauled the equipment.Downstream inventory average.

After the holiday, manufacturers maintained an increase of about 60% of the operating rate, and limited supply, resulting in tight market supply, and MDI prices gradually increased.

It is expected that the weather is gradually warming, downstream demand is gradually recovering, and the demand side margin is improving. It is optimistic that MDI prices will continue to rebound.

According to the company’s latest listing price in March, the aggregate MDI (direct sales) listing price1.

550,000 yuan, an increase of 2,000 yuan over the previous two months, and the pure MDI listing price is 2.

470,000 yuan, an increase of 1,000 yuan from the previous February. The group’s asset absorption, merger, and reorganization were completed to avoid peer competition and to obey the interest mechanism.

The company was absorbed into the predictor 522 of 100% equity interest of the merger party Wanhua Chemical.

10,000 yuan, the issue price of 30.

43 yuan / share, the actual number of new shares is 4.

0.6 billion shares.

The merger will include 100% equity of BC, 100% equity of BC Chenfeng, and Wanhua Ningbo 25.

5% equity, 8% equity of Wanhua Chlor-Alkali Thermoelectricity was injected into the listed company to achieve the overall listing, and 100% equity of the main asset BC company was committed to 3 in 2018-2021.

82, 1.

89, 1.

90, 1.

9.2 billion euros, Wanhua Ningbo 25.

The 5% equity commitment for 2018-2021 is 13.

11, 9.

88, 9.

39, 9.

4.9 billion.

After the transaction is completed, Zhongcheng Investment and Zhongkaixin will act in concert with Guofeng Investment. Guofeng Investment and its concerted parties will collectively hold listed companies.

72% equity, the actual controller of the listed company is still Yantai SASAC.

Zhongcheng Investment and Zhongkaixin are employee shareholding platforms, holding a total of 20 shares.


Jointly holding listed companies to avoid peer competition between the group and listed companies, smooth future interest mechanisms, and promote the growth of leaders and the company.

A global leader in MDI with production capacity, technology and cost advantages, petrochemical and new materials businesses support long-term development.

After the company completed the injection of minority shareholders’ equity assets in Columbia, California and Ningbo Wanhua, MDI production capacity reached 210 tons, ranking first in the world.

The company has rich technical reserves and breakthroughs in research and development. Its sixth-generation MDI technology developed by itself will achieve short-term capacity expansion and increase domestic production capacity through technological transformation.

At the same time, the company has accelerated the pace of overseas expansion and will build 40 production capacity in the United States.

In addition, with 30 tons of TDI plus 25 tons of BC, the total TDI production capacity reaches 55 tons.

Petrochemical business company’s ethylene project has a total investment of about 17.8 billion U.S. dollars. The main equipment includes 100 tons / year ethylene cracker, 40 tons / year polyvinyl chloride, 15 tons / year epoxy resin, 45 tons / year LLDPE, 30/65 expect/ Year PO / SM device, 5 expected / year butadiene device; new materials business PC, PMMA, MMA, etc. have been put into production.

New petrochemical and new material projects have been put into production one after another, supporting long-term development in the future.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the “overweight” rating and raise the 18-year profit forecast to 106 according to the performance report.

1 ppm (original value 105.

3) Temporarily maintain the profit forecast for 2019-20, and it is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother will be 111 in 2019-20.


2 trillion, corresponding to EPS 3.

38, 3.


43 yuan, PE 12X, 12X, 9X.

Risk reminder: MDI and petrochemical industry chain boom decline; new business expansion is less than expected

Jin Jian Rice Industry (600127): The cost reduction and efficiency improvement effect is remarkable

Jin Jian Rice Industry (600127): The cost reduction and efficiency improvement effect is remarkable
Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 20 in the first half of 2019.1.4 billion, an increase of 41 in ten years.72%; net profit attributable to mother 0.5.3 billion, an annual increase of 936.34%. 1, sales force, revenue growth hit a 10-year high.After the new management team took office, the grain and oil products sector fully promoted the construction of a new retail sales platform, which produced significant results.The 2019H1 company’s grain and oil products are optimized with Xingsheng, and Ali Retail Link and JD.com have made progress in business cooperation. The strategic cooperation with Xingsheng has become the main growth point of grain and oil products in April.In 2019H1, the revenue of grain and oil products will increase by 40 each year.83%, the company’s revenue growth rate reached a 10-year high. 2. The reform has achieved remarkable results, with the three-fee rate hitting a 10-year low.In 2018, when the new chairman of the company took office, he proposed internal reforms, using market-based methods, and innovating management mechanisms.We will carry out internal reforms in terms of company personnel incentives, streamlined internal processes, business cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. The three-rate rate for 2019H1 company8.23%, a new low in 10 years, and reforms have been fruitful. 3. The divestiture of non-performing assets was completed, and the performance was reduced to lightly enter the battle.Jinjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the largest subsidiary in the history of scale expansion and the company with the largest amount of debt, officially sold 100% equity of Jinjian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on March 30, 2019. This time, it successfully replaced the performance to reduce losses and focused on the main grain and oil industry.In 2019H1, the company realized a share transfer income of 50.34 million yuan. Profit forecast: 2016?In 2018, Jinjian Pharmaceutical is expected to drag down the net profit of the mother to about 10 million per year.In March 2019, the 100% equity transfer of Jinjian Pharmaceutical Industry brought 55.03 million investment income for the company in 2019, and also reduced the loss by about 南京桑拿网 10 million per year for 2019/2020/2021.In addition, the transferee of the equity transfer will assume the debt owed by Jinjian Pharmaceutical to the parent company2.99 ppm, with repayment required in the first year after transfer.5.7 billion US dollars of debt, the transferee will pay off the debt after the parent company will not be downgraded.The 5.7 billion cash increase is expected to bring about 10 million interest income to the company each year.The combination of the above three aspects is expected to significantly increase the company’s net profit in the next three years.At the same time, based on the improvement of the company’s management efficiency, entering the new retail sector, and benefiting from the Hunan Province’s “Reinvigorating Xiangmi” project, we expect the company’s net profit to be returned to its mother 杭州桑拿 in 2019/2020/2021 to be zero.85 billion / 0.60 billion / 0.80 billion. Risk Warning: 1.Macro environmental risks.The main business of the company’s grain and oil industry is affected by macroeconomic environmental factors such as policy adjustments, tax rate and exchange rate changes, and supply-demand relations. Adjustments and changes in the relevant macroeconomic environment will have a significant impact on the profitability of the company’s products. 2.Market competition risk.With the acceleration of the agricultural supply-side structural reform process, the intensity of mergers, acquisitions, and integration within the industry has increased, and related industry leaders can accelerate market layout through advantages such as capital, resources, and brands, and the company faces more intense market competition. 3. Quality and safety risks.As the company’s grain and oil industry involves a wide range and a long industrial chain, there are many uncontrollable factors that may have a significant impact on the company.

Nanwei Medical (688029) in-depth report: The performance of leading products of minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment companies is comparable to that of international brands

Nanwei Medical (688029) in-depth report: The performance of leading products of minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment companies is comparable to that of international brands

Gastrointestinal diseases are high, and the market for minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment is high. Digestive system diseases caused by local residents ‘dietary habits are high. Early diagnosis and treatment of the disease are harmful to the digestive system.In the middle and advanced stages, gastric cancer was newly added in 2018, and esophageal cancer accounted for 44 new cases in the corresponding category worldwide.

13%, 53.

73%, the proportion of death reached 49.

85%, 55.


The advantages of digestive endoscopy diagnosis and treatment include small trauma, fewer complications, low cost, and no need for long-term hospitalization. The advantages of the rapid development of the global endoscopic diagnosis and treatment device market in 2018 were 52.

200 million US dollars, so due to the late start showing a small base and rapid development, the annual compound growth rate of digestive endoscopy supplies from 2007 to 2017 was 19.

30%, it is estimated that the current market size of domestic consumables exceeds 3.7 billion, and there is still plenty of space to dig.

The performance of minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment products is comparable to that of international brands, and the market share has further increased. The company’s endoscopic diagnosis and treatment include biopsy, hemostasis and closed, EMR / ESD, extended, ERCP, and EUS / EBUS.Common to the market.

44%, accounting for more than 20% of domestic proportions, in which the soft tissue clip can be repeatedly opened and closed infinitely, and it can be accurately rotated 360 degrees in a bent state, with a residual body length of 10mm, shorter than the main stack of Boston Scientific, Cook’s 16mm, 15mm residueLength, unless potential entrants have a disruptive advantage, it is difficult to shake the market structure of the company’s soft tissue clips, and hemostatic products occupy about the global market.

13%, expected to rise to 25 in 2021.

87%, the outstanding technological innovation of ESD electric knife, ERCP series and other products also broke the import monopoly and fully realized import substitution.

EOCT explores new fields. The long-awaited company 佛山桑拿网 EOCT products make up for the lack of clinical cell and tissue screening. The imaging range is between endoscope and ultrasound, with a resolution of 100 microns, close to pathological grade, and an imaging scan speed of 24.

4 frames / second, two of the FDA-approved products NvisionVLE, effectively reduce image distortion caused by peristalsis of the esophagus, support intelligent balloon catheter pressure expansion control system, can achieve automatic balloon expansion and retraction, without manual operation, and consumablesThe specifications are complete. It has been approved by the US FDA 510 (K) for ongoing clinical trials and collaborative research. It received special approval for innovative medical devices in China in November 2017. Application registration is expected to begin immediately and it will be available in China by the end of 2020 or early 2021.
The sales end continued to exert strength, and the domestic and overseas markets went hand in hand. The company’s sales strategy was adapted to local conditions, and the company’s internal revenue in 20185.

07 trillion, accounting for 55%, sold to more than 2,900 hospitals nationwide, including more than 780 tertiary hospitals, the coverage of tertiary hospitals reached more than 55%, and the number of secondary and tertiary hospitals accounted for more than 90% of the company’s terminal hospitalsThe purchase amount accounted for 81.

59%, indicating that the high-end market recognizes the company’s products and has initially expanded to the grassroots market; overseas revenues have been achieved4.

10 million, covering 1,126 medical institutions in the United States, and achieved approximately 1 in 2018.

300 million, sold to 601 medical institutions in Germany.

In addition, the company will be listed to raise funds6.

The US $ 5.6 billion production base construction project is to expand production capacity. The expected production capacity of the project is doubled, and product supply is guaranteed.

  Profit forecast and estimation Considering that the company’s products have excellent performance and complete categories, the domestic market is growing rapidly and the space is huge, and the market orientation of double push at home and abroad is progressing smoothly. We expect the company’s revenue in 2019-2021 to be 12 respectively.

5.1 billion, 16.

6.4 billion, 21.

4.4 billion, the previous growth rate was 35.

68%, 33.

01%, 28.

85%, net profit attributable to mothers is 2 respectively.

7.3 billion, 3.

7.2 billion, 4.

80 ppm, the annual growth rate is 41.

45%, 36.

26%, 29.

03%, EPS is 2 respectively.

05 yuan, 2.

79 yuan, 3.

60 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 77X, 56X, 44X.

  Risk warning: product development progress exceeds expectations, new product market acceptance is lower than expected, market competition intensifies, and Sino-US trade frictions intensify

Thousand Yuan budget enjoy 10 sets of whitening programs_1

Enjoy 10 sets of whitening schemes with a thousand yuan budget

Introduction: If whitening is a lifelong game for women, before all kinds of strange whitening desires, one thing is the same: they are more durable and more detailed.

Different skin types, different ages, and different seasons require specific whitening schemes. Would it be icing on the cake if you can achieve your wishes within a thousand yuan budget?


In a meticulous survey that lasted one month, we pointed directly at the top 5 popular needs, and now we have achieved our wish!


hzh {display: none; }  数说美白欲求不满  使用美白产品时,90%会搭配其他产品使用。Among them, 10% of them have more and less enthusiasm for mashups, 71% of them will match, but the heart that keeps growing is still moving.

  More than 80% of people will use whitening products together with other products. The top three mashup partners are moisturizing, anti-aging, and acne products.

The biggest expectation for whitening is that the top three are uniform, brighten, and remove dark yellow, which account for 32% 48.

5% strong.

47% of whitening added value pay more attention to moisturizing, 18% pay more attention to anti-aging, and 17% pay more attention to sun protection.

The camp that wants to remove spots as soon as possible, or prevent potential spots, has expanded to an astounding 21% of people this year, hoping to get a faster whitening effect in a safer way!

  Plan1 is so tender that it squeezes water for whitening, and it’s loved!

  The problem of whitening and moisturizing has always been a problem for many people.

In fact, high-end products such as Sisley and Lancome have a good moisturizing reputation.

If you want to make the whitening moisturizing effect more durable, the combination of whitening and moisturizing essence can almost eat all four seasons.

  Fancl Revitalizing Essence 298 Yuan + Impressive Beauty Intensive Care Qin Bai Essence Milk 720 Yuan Why Why?

  ○ Fancl Revitalizing Essence does not contain moisturizing ingredients from its name, but it contains a precious ingredient-okra pods.

Unlike the supplement of hyaluronic acid to the skin from the outside, this component is like a dark river of natural water source, which can promote the formation of hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer and generate water itself.

The price is very close to the people. Although the amount is small, using only one dime at a time is enough to moisturize the entire face.

  ○ Whitening essence milk is actually a bottle of essence, but a small amount is very rich, taking into account the water-locking function of the lotion, even the moisturizing cream is saved!

However, this is not exactly the reason to recommend it. This new bottle contains the star whitening ingredient tyrosinase, which was successfully developed by Kanebo cosmetics for 13 years.

It is the best at cleaning melanin precipitation caused by sun exposure.

  Favorite name Extreme Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Essence 550 yuan + Givenchy Whitening Brightening Brightening Milk SPF20 500 yuan

  ○ Among the moisturizing essences, the price is around 500 yuan, but this bottle of S moisturizing essence recommended in the early years has an upgraded version this year.

The most tempting is the addition of hyaluronic acid made by microbial fermentation, which can adsorb water molecules 800 times higher molecular weight!

And hyaluronic acid itself exists in the human body and will not conflict with current star whitening ingredients. It is very safe to mix and match.

  ○ Whitening is always inseparable from sunscreen, but whitening products with sun protection index often use water-in-oil molecular structure. After use, they are not too oily or dry, so they are most suitable for mixing with moisturizing essence.

Givenchy launches this whitening milk this year with both whitening base and sun protection. It also designed a super intimate brush head outlet, which is more convenient to apply!

  Plan2 spotted earlier, acne bye!

  If you compare dry skin to desert, then the spots are the desert in the desert. For many people who don’t live long, don’t rush to complain about skin care products first, you have to ask the spots to quench their thirst.

Therefore, whether it is a combination of spots or acne marks, the following whitening toner should be applied.

Using them for topical wet compresses is a common method for whitening people.

  Lancome Smart Pleasure Whitening Toner (Moisturizing) 490 yuan + Bejas High-Performance White Regenerating Full-Skin Antioxidant 580 yuan.

hzh {display: none; }  为什么这样搭?   ○ Lancome’s whitening series has always been focused on emotional cards, and it has the most to deal with the dullness under pressure.

It has two types of refreshing and moisturizing. It is recommended to choose a larger and richer moisturizing type. Editors often use it as a paper film to reduce stress on the skin.

It nourishes the skin and restores skin’s eating.   ○ In the unknown Begas whitening series, this bottle of full-effect blemish extract can take almost all kinds of spots.

It contains anti-oxidant effect, and the inflammation and oxidation caused by the sun can be quickly repaired to avoid oxidation into dark spots and age spots.

  ○ I want this pair of partners to play their role in a restorative way, and follow the method below: pour a dollar of whitening lotion on the cotton sheet, wipe the spots, squeeze a pearl amount of light spot essence and apply on the spots, and finally,Cover the cotton pad just before and wet it until it is completely absorbed.

  Dior Xuejingling Huanbai Brightening Essence Essence Pen 630 yuan + Aupele Multi-Spot Whitening Liquid 400 yuan

  ○ This Dior Spot Essence is my favorite product for editing. It has the excellent effect of diminishing acne marks, which I also experienced first-hand.

It is worth mentioning that its exit is very special. It is a very soft film with a small pinhole on it.

This design is more sanitary than ordinary hair brushes, and bacteria are not easy to hide.

  ○ Acne marks are the residual deposits left after the acne retreat. At this time, what it needs most is actually “drink water”, so there is also an expression of “want to make acne marks invisible, and you must first quench it”.

Aupele Zhenbai Beauty Liquid can improve the “slightly burning state” that the human body can’t detect inside the skin, both hydrating and calming the skin. Acne marks especially need this “thirst quencher”.

  Plan3 is not young, and whitening is also available!

  Linking whitening and anti-aging, women’s desire for whitening is outrageous!

However, a face that does not need to be too white, but white enough, does make you look younger.

Therefore, using whitening to prevent the highest state of aging is to make the “age spots” late, and then try to close the gap.

  Shiseido Whitening Skin Color Control Cream SPF30 + PA +++ 360 yuan + SK-II only white crystal Huan Freckle Essence 780 yuan so why?

  ○ Color Control Cream is a new product in Shiseido’s whitening series this year, but it is not as simple as concealing concealer. The powder contains multi-effect repairing Vitamin C, and it is covered with blemish.

Sun protection is most needed on the spots, and the SPF index is also intimate.

  ○ Absolute star in SK-II whitening, go to the forum to see the evaluation of its blemish and praise.

If you have the strength to suggest, then put on the fairy water, the effect is better.

  Why Clarins Clear Whitening Revitalizing Renewal Serum + Clarins Deep Whitening Serum?

  ○ It is the insight into the market demand that whitening and anti-aging want to marry. The combination launched by Clarins this year is directly named: Clear Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle Combination.

At the same time whitening can also reduce the fine lines, I do not know how many women will be happy.

  ○ There are 6 sticks in a set, 3 sticks and 3 whitening sticks.

Skin rejuvenation is used in the first step, followed by whitening.

One dose is used for exactly one week, and one set is just a skin metabolism cycle.

  The essence of Plan4 can be used for three times, and two basic whitening essentials!

  Don’t underestimate the functions such as whitening and cleansing, toner, etc. In the “Boutique” whitening special volume, Viviene Ho, who has been running whitening for 11 years, is a master who cultivated dazzling results with basic whitening.

Accumulate the most amazing results every day with the seemingly weakest whitening cleansing.

  Chanel Whitening Foaming Cleansing Milk 450 Yuan + Chanel Whitening Softening Essence Water 525 Yuan Why Why?

  ○ Some people totally ignore the open-circuit effect of whitening cleansers and toners on the cleaning of old waste keratin.

The foam of Chanel Whitening Foaming Cleansing Milk is delicate and soft, and it will become better to massage the skin.

After using it to clean your face, even if you don’t apply anything, you will see that your skin is clearly translucent.

  ○ The weight of Chanel Whitening Softening Essence is very clear, and you can put it in the palm of your hand.

The skin is craving for this refreshing feeling, and sometimes even takes two photos to be satisfied.

It enhances the overall translucent feeling of the skin and makes you look good, which is the good thing of this pair of partners.

  Guerlain Completely Deep Whitening Pure Toner 470 yuan + Guerlain Completely Deep Whitening Pure Toner 450 yuan Why is this so?

  ○ Among the whitening people we interviewed, some people fell in love with this whitening cleansing, and they have not changed their heart after five years of packaging!

If you already have a good whitening blank, it is good to use it to consolidate the results.

Lovers say that the most fascinating is the fragrance of orchids. When you cleanse, you will naturally wash more carefully when you feel better.

  ○ Slight scent of toner, gently exfoliates while cleaning for the second time.

Cotton swabs will relatively brighten, making skin tone more even.You can “cooperate happily” with any subsequent product.

  Plan5 is more pink and less black and yellow with other skin slices. Yellow people have more yellow, green, and even carrot in their skin.

Therefore, the yellow skin is thin, and most of the dishes are covered on our heads.

In the all-pervading whitening world, finding the balance with the repair cream is the easiest and fastest way.

Want to fundamentally adjust, or Koreans first thought of a solution.

  Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Revealing Cream SPF25PA ++ 420 yuan + Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Serum 680 yuan

  ○ Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Revealing Cream is subtly divided into 5 color numbers, which is beyond the reach of other brands.

It is best matched with Asian coral color, which can shield the black, yellow, and green in skin tone, and it looks fair and pink.

  ○ Whitening essence contains precious red algae extract. In addition to the freckle concerned in many whitening products, laboratory data prove that it can reduce yellow gas by 74% after 8 weeks of continuous use!

Very powerful and tempting results.

  L’Oreal Xue Yan Whitening Double Pure Pure Milk 210 yuan + O HUI New Crystal Soft White Double Effect Essence 880 yuan

  ○ Rare tourmaline ingredients can “reduce the yellow and add powder” to the skin, which is also the most attractive selling point of L’Oreal’s new whitening products this year.

  ○ Most of the whitening products only pay attention to melanin. The brightest part of O HUI’s whitening essence is the hypnotic management of melanin and carotene in the skin at the same time, which fundamentally relieves the skin from yellowing and blackening.

Tips on Exfoliating Safely


Tips on Exfoliating Safely

In the face of these delicate and fresh small cells that were still in the skin yesterday, it is an attitude you must consider carefully to drive away or leave them alone.


hzh {display: none; }  医学的态度:角质层的细胞是肌肤表面透明的保护层,在一定程度上能够防止外界环境对肌肤和内部器官的侵扰,对健康的肌肤是益大于弊的。However, when skin diseases such as keratosis occur, drug intervention is required.

  Natural attitude: No one caused the flowers not to fade away, and the setting sun will definitely appear tomorrow.

Our skin is also an original masterpiece of nature, and each cell will complete their life course in 28 days.

This natural law of old and new replacement cannot be changed at will.

  Beautiful attitude: The stratum corneum is the old waste cell that has lost its vitality. If it is replaced in time, it will directly affect the appearance of the skin.

For example, the skin looks thick, and the foundation is difficult to evenly spread during makeup.

  The attitude of “Fashion and Health”: Exfoliation is a process of artificially helping the skin to vomit, and it is a degree of consideration.

Our suggestion is that if you have dry skin or in the dry season, the exfoliation cycle is best once every two weeks; if you have oily skin or in the wet season, the exfoliation cycle is best once a week.

  Exfoliate rest assured-the red light stopped, the green light line finally understood that the keratinocytes that we call “dead” skin are not dead, it is like a little cunning gift for creations to beautiful women, except to understand it,You have to treat it well, so that you can have beautiful skin with a healthy glow.


Red light: Excessive peeling.

  Dangerous accident: You may have found yourself trapped in a vicious circle.

Constantly exfoliating, there is almost no weakening of the protective function of the stratum corneum; what’s worse is that it disrupts the skin’s metabolic cycle and causes chaos in the microcirculation, especially those ladies who hate blackheads and shine are likely to leave a keratinocyteAnd hypersecretion of sebaceous glands.

Green light: Understand the skin’s metabolism cycle and regularly remove old waste cells waiting to be replaced.

It usually takes about 28 days for skin cells to go from newborn to death. Mature dry skin has a slower metabolism and oily skin is faster. To understand your correct skin metabolism cycle, you also need eyes and fingers to help you.Analysis is OK.

  The “V” belt of dry skin or combination skin, turning the head under the light, the skin surface does not reflect the luster, the skin tone is yellow or blue, the thick moisturizing cream still feels tight, rub it slightlyA few times, there will be raised dander.


Red light: Exfoliated skin can always stay soft and fair.

  Dangerous accident: At the beginning, the skin was really renewed, but after a few days of outdoor activities, I often get tanned, and sometimes feel hot and cold, and will feel tight and tingly.

  Green light: When the stratum corneum is thinned, the newly exposed skin is as weak as a baby and requires additional protection.

After cleaning the horny 3?
For 4 days, with or without sunlight, use a moisturizing day cream with a sun protection index before going out.


Red light: thinks that only exfoliating face is needed.

  Dangerous accident: He was going to kiss your back affectionately, but happily counted the small acne scattered like constellations on it; put on the newly bought beautiful sandals, but found that rough toes are more eye-catching .Do not drop points below a woman’s face.

  Green light: Exfoliate the body carefully.

The body skin is also dry and oily, and the thickness of the stratum corneum is also different. Therefore, we must treat the products and methods differently.

  Tip: A highly recommended topical skin rejuvenation scrub: use a body scrub with a fragrance of natural tiny particles during the shower.

  Effective parts: strong skin secretion of sebaceous glands such as chest, back, chest.

  Effect: Thoroughly clean pores and prevent acne. The residual aroma can neutralize the odor generated by sweat and sebum.

  Bubble method: Dissolve a certain proportion of bath salt in the bathtub and soak it for more than 20 minutes.

  Effective parts: Extremities joints, hands and feet are often exposed, thicker stratum corneum.

Effect: Under the action of salt and hot water, the usually hard transparent cuticle will turn white, and it can be peeled off by rubbing it with your fingers.

Sweets may increase the chance of joint pain

Sweets may increase the chance of joint pain

Eating too many sweets can easily lead to obesity and easily cause physical pain.

  According to ABC reports, researchers at Wilconel University in New York pointed out that some foods can increase the incidence of certain pains through experimental studies.

Among them, high-sweet foods will aggravate joint pain and swelling.

  Researchers said that multiple diets are closely related to antibiotics.

If you eat too much sweets, it will cause some substances in your body to become dysfunctional, which will increase some pain.

Researchers suggest that to reduce pain, it’s best to remove soft drinks and other sugary foods, such as cookies and candies, from the recipe.

“Whether it’s candy or sugar in food, it’s best to reduce the amount of supplements.