Shengnong Development (002299) 2018 Annual Report Review: Bird Chain Prosperity Continues to Profit in 19Q1 or Accelerates High Growth

Shengnong Development (002299) 2018 Annual Report Review: Bird Chain Prosperity Continues to Profit in 19Q1 or Accelerates High Growth

Benefiting from the recovery of chicken consumption, chicken meat prices remained high in 19Q1, and slaughter profits are expected to continue to increase. The company expects to achieve profitability in 19Q16.

400 million to 700 million.

The contraction of pork supply is expected to drive high growth in poultry meat consumption, and the boom of the poultry chain may transition from 2019 to 2020. Revise the 2019/2020 EPS forecast, raise the target price to 36 yuan, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Chicken prices are strong, with a profit of 1.5 billion in ten years, in line with expectations.

Revenue of 11.5 billion in 2018 (same increase of 13.

7%), attributable net profit of 1.5 billion yuan (same increase of 3.

8 times).

The company’s profit is mainly due to the slaughtering business contribution: 1) Slaughtering business: Estimated profit in 2018 is 1.3 billion-13.

At 2 trillion, the tonnage turned losses into profits; the high increase in profit from slaughtering business was mainly due to the sudden increase in chicken meat. In 2018, the company’s average chicken meat sales price was about 9320 yuan / ton, an increase of 11.

6%; estimated slaughter volume is about 4.

500 million birds, only an average profit of 2.

9 yuan; 2) Food business: Estimated profit in 20181.

800 million to 200 million US dollars, a slight decline each year, mainly due to chicken food prices lagging behind the price of chicken raw materials.

The company plans to pay a cash dividend of 10 yuan for every 10 shares, and the latest dividend rate is about 3.


The performance was in line with expectations.

Consumption recovery is blessed with high chicken prices, and profit in 19Q1 may accelerate high growth.

As avian flu vaccine has been added to the immunization and poultry meat consumption has gradually recovered, the price of chicken meat in 19Q1 remains high.

The company expects a profit of 4-4 in 19Q1.

5 times to 6.

400 million to 700 million, the growth rate increased in ten years.

The estimated profit is mainly due to the slaughter business contribution. It is estimated that the company slaughtered broiler chickens in 19Q1.

From 9.9 billion to 100 million pigeons, a single feather is about 6-6 profitable.

5 yuan.

The contraction of pork supply or high consumption of chicken meat is expected to continue the boom in the poultry chain.

Domestic meat consumption shows a structure of about 5: 2: 2: 1 for pork: chicken: fish: beef and mutton.

Affected by African swine fever, domestic hog production is accelerating. The current production capacity has been reduced by 19%, and it may reach 28% in the future.

The contraction of pork supply is expected to drive high growth in chicken consumption, and the boom in the poultry chain may continue until 2020.

Risk factors: Chicken prices are not up to expectations, outbreaks, food safety incidents.

Investment suggestion: Maintain “Buy” rating.

The 成都桑拿网 increase in chicken consumption is expected to drive the company’s earnings to continue to increase.

Taking into account that chicken prices have risen more than expected, the EPS forecast for 2019/20 is revised up to 2.


49 yuan (was 1).


215 yuan), plus the EPS forecast for 2021 is 1.

56 yuan.

Give an 18X estimate for 2019, raise the target price to 36 yuan, and maintain a “buy” rating.

[Can you eat apples if you have chickenpox]

[Can you eat apples if you have chickenpox]

It is very easy for young children to get chickenpox.

Children need to pay attention to many dietary problems when they have chickenpox.

Some spicy food and seafood are not edible.

So, can you eat apples if you have chickenpox?

Experts tell you that you can eat apples, but not too much.

When getting chickenpox, it is best to keep your diet light and pay attention to hygiene.


Pay attention to disinfection and cleaning of clothes that have come into contact with varicella herpes solution. They should be discarded, towels, dressings, toys, tableware, etc. Take washing, drying, ironing, cooking, burning and disinfecting according to the situation, and do not share with healthy people.

At the same time, change your clothes and keep your skin clean.


Regularly opening windows and air circulation can also kill viruses in the air, but care must be taken to prevent patients from getting cold when ventilating the room.

The room can let in the sun and open the glass windows.


If the fever is reduced, it is best to use ice pillows, towels, and drink plenty of water.

To allow sick children to rest and eat a nutritious and digestible diet, drink plenty of boiling water and fruit juice.


Pay attention to changes in the condition, such as persistent high fever, wheezing, or vomiting, headache, irritability, or lethargy after the rash is discovered, and you should be sent to the hospital for medical treatment in a timely manner.


Avoid carefully scratching the broken rash, especially pay attention not to scratch the broken rash, so as to prevent herpes from being caught and cause purulent infection. If the damage is deep, it may leave marks.

To prevent this, cut your child’s nails short and keep hands clean.

[Pumpkin Meatballs]_Meatballs_How to Make_Home Practice

[Pumpkin Meatballs]_Meatballs_How to Make_Home Practice

Pumpkin balls are welcomed and loved by children or friends who like to eat sweets. At the same time, they taste sweet and delicious, and pumpkin also contains rich supplementary fiber, which accelerates gastrointestinal motility and promotes human digestion and absorption.

Common pumpkin meatballs are made by fried cooking methods, and some substances contained in pumpkin can also inhibit the accumulation of trace molecules in the body, which is beneficial to human health.

So, what is the practice of pumpkin balls?

First, buy fresh pumpkins, peel them, scoop them, wash them, and cut them into pieces of appropriate size.

Put it in a clean container, steam it in a pot, about 10 minutes, take it out after steaming, and be sure to drain the water generated from the steamed pumpkin.

Then, cool the pumpkin, mash it with a tool, add an appropriate amount of sugar and glutinous rice flour, stir evenly, and knead it into a ball of the appropriate size.

The surface of the balls can also be sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Finally, add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot. After the oil is hot, put the pumpkin balls into the pan and fry until golden on both sides. Then drain the oil and place in a plate.

During the frying process, continuous pressing is required, so that it is evenly heated, and has a good expansion effect and uniform color.

The golden crispy, soft and glutinous and delicious fried pumpkin meatballs are ready for use as a snack.

The method is simple and easy to operate, the method is not cumbersome and complicated, you can try to make it at home, and it is cleaner than the restaurant, and you can rest assured to eat it yourself.

In addition, mannitol contained in pumpkin has the function of defecation, which can reduce the harm of toxins in the feces to the human body, prevent the occurrence of colon cancer, and at the same time have the effect of preventing cancer and deworming the human body, and it has great potential for regular consumption.

[Spinach liver porridge baby food supplement]_ infant food supplement _ how to do

Do you want to get rid of the insults and stalks?  抆 抱 泠 村 华 鍎 緯 緋 焈 訝 庝 箞 锅?
鑿犺彍鐚倝绮ユ湁寰堝ソ鐨勪繚鍋ュ姛鏁堬紝灏ゅ叾鏄瀛╁瓙鏉ヨ閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€鐐癸紝鏈夊緢濂界殑琛ュ厖寰噺鍏冪礌锛岃彔鑿滅尓鑲濈播鐨勮惀鍏诲姛鏁堟瘮杈冨叏闈紝灏ゅ叾鏄瘜鍚搧璐ㄥ厓绱犳瘮杈冧赴瀵岋紝鍙﹀杩樻湁涓板瘜鐨勭淮鐢熺礌a锛岃繖瀵逛簬瀹濆疂鏉ヨ鏈夊緢濂界殑璋冪悊韬綋鐨勪綔鐢紝This is a tea and a tea tree. It ‘s a shoulder and a shoulder. It ‘s back to the back. It ‘s the world ‘s strength. It ‘s so easy. It ‘s so simple. It ‘s very simple.疂杈呴鐨勫仛娉曘€?瀹濆疂鑿犺彍鐚倽绮ョ殑鍋氭硶涓€涓绘枡锛氱渤绫炽€佽彔鑿溿€佺尓鑲濄€佺洂銆佸銆佸ぇ钁?What is the pot?銆佺渤绫虫窐娲楀共鍑€锛屾蹈娉″崐灏忔椂鍚庢崬鍑烘播骞诧紝鐚倽鍙嶅娲楀噣锛屽垏鎴愯杽鐗囷紝鑿犺彍娲楀噣锛屽幓鏍瑰垏娈碉紝濮溿€佽懕鍧囧垏涓濄€?The system is open to 1200 people, and you can click on the button below to learn how to change it.鐒跺悗鏀圭敤灏忕伀鐓垚绋€楗€?銆佹斁鍏ヨ倽鐗囥€佽彔鑿溿€佸涓濄€佽懕涓濓紝涓嬬洂璋冨ソ鍛筹紝缁х画鐓嚦鐚倽鐔熼€忓嵆鍙€?瀹濆疂鑿犺彍鐚倽绮ョ殑鍋氭硶浜屾潗鏂欙細澶х背銆佺尓鑲濄€佽彔鑿溿€佹灨鏉炪€佸銆佺敓鎶姐€侀娌瑰仛娉曪細1銆佺尓鑲濇礂鍑€锛屾竻姘存蹈娉″崐灏忔椂锛岀劧鍚庡垏灏忎竵锛屽鍒囦竵锛屾斁鍒扮尓鑲濋噷锛屽€掍笂鐢熸娊鑵屽埗涓€涓嬨€?The number of worms is very high, and the number of clusters is very high.浣嶏紝姘村紑鍚庢妸鐚倽鏀捐繘鍘汇€?TOWER Ci  Bi Feng Wa sharp rudder Erou embarrassing Toso fermium Ju 彔 chisel Weng Nin Tung “Soya fermium Juan Gan Shouyang weary Wei wa Ren Kun unsteady Xin fermium Tong Shi adze Shen Huai Fuzhuo Huai Di Li complement Hao Bian Chi Hay River Laboratories簡銆傚疂瀹濊彔鑿滅尓鑲濈播鐨勫仛娉曚笁鍘熸枡锛氱尓鑲濄€佷笢鍖楃弽鐝犵背銆佽彔鑿溿€佹按銆佸涓濄€佺洂銆佹补 鍋氭硶锛?銆 佺 背 迪 樻 稂 駞 尣 尣 尣 堂 堶 堫 呓 呓 哮 哮 哮 堮 堂堂 1 燏 椂 (鐢 ㄦ 椂 婊 ゆ 压) 銆?銆 佹 1500 姣  同 崑 у 甑 男 叆 娉 “ソ 镄 勭 背 頦 頦?0 鍒 嗛 挓 (Aya pet roaring?锛岄€傚綋鎼呮媽浠ュ厤绯婂簳銆?銆佸湪鐓播鐨勬椂鍊欑尓鑲濆垏灏忓潡鐢ㄥ涓濄€佺洂銆佹补鎷屽寑锛岃彔鑿滅劘姘村垏涓濄€?銆?Qi ョ 叜 鍒?0鍒嗛挓鐨勬椂鍊欐妸鎷屽寑鐨勭尓鑲濆€掑叆閲岄潰锛屽啀鐓?-5鍒嗛挓锛屽嚭閿呭姞鑿犺彍閫傚綋鏀剧偣鐩愯皟鍛炽€?

Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity (600121) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Production Continues and Performance Is Hard to Improve

Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity (600121) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Production Continues and Performance Is Hard to Improve
The core point is that due to the long-term impact of horizontal reforms, Micun Mine closed and exited in 2017. In the future, the second teaching mine will also exit as planned, and the company’s coal production will continue to decline.At the same time, affected by the policies of the safety supervision personnel, the company’s safety production costs have increased significantly, and the cost pressure per ton of coal has increased.It 深圳桑拿按摩is expected that the company’s performance in 2019 is unlikely to improve, maintaining the “overweight” rating. The company’s performance in 2018 improved significantly75.70%.The company’s operating income in 2018 was 48.10 ppm, a decrease of 15 per year.79%; net profit attributable to mother 1.52 ppm, a decrease of 75 per year.70%, earnings per share are 0.15 yuan, in line with performance forecast. The initial growth of the company’s performance in 2018 was due to the shutdown of Micun Coal Mine due to policies and the increase in production costs per ton of coal by 37%.The company intends to pay a cash dividend of 0 per 10 shares to all shareholders.5 yuan (including tax), the dividend rate reaches 33.3%, at the same time, the capital reserve will be transferred to all shareholders for every 10 shares of 2 shares. Coal production and sales continued to increase in 2018, with an average price increase of 7%.In 2018, the company realized raw coal production of 812 adjacent, -11.83%; commercial coal sales were the highest at 834, -10.The 52% decrease in production and sales was mainly due to the withdrawal of 190 tons from the exit of Micun Coal Mine in November 2017.The advancement of supply-side reforms will have an impact on the company’s long-term production capacity, and the second teaching mine (45 years / year) will also exit as planned.The company’s average sales price in 2018 was 458.66 yuan / ton, +7 for the whole year.38%; unit cost of sales was 266.39 yuan / ton, +22 for the whole year.16%; gross profit per ton of coal is about 192 yuan, ten years -8.03%.In 2019, the company plans to produce raw coal 777 access and generate electricity 2.200 million kilowatt-hours, with a total estimated revenue of $ 4.1 billion. Group asset injection commitments have not been completed.In 2018, due to the impact of the national coal industry policy, Zhengmei Group still retained its main coal assets in the short term and it was difficult to meet the overall listing conditions. Zhengmei Group decided to modify the plan to avoid inter-industry competition and postpone the deadline to complete the commitment.The group is currently producing 4 mines with an output of approximately 300 mm.If the group initially promises that the entire coal mine will be injected into listed companies, the company’s growth will be further opened. Risk factors: Fluctuations in macroeconomic growth affect coal demand.Supply policy continued to ease, suppressing upward coal prices. Investment suggestion: Considering that the company’s output is expected to continue to decrease and the unit cost pressure is significantly increased. According to the 2018 ton coal cost calculation, the long-term impact on profits may reach -300 million US dollars, so we meaningfully reduce the company’s 2019?The EPS forecast for 2020 is zero.14/0.1武汉夜网论坛 7 yuan (previous forecast was 0.58/0.62 yuan), given EPS forecast of 2021 0.19 yuan.Current advantages 4.03 yuan, corresponding to 2019?2021 P / E29 / 24 / 21x.Give a target price of 4.28 yuan, corresponding to 2019 P / B1.5x, maintaining the company’s “overweight” rating.

China Coast Defense (600764): Vigorously promote the development of military-civilian integration products and wait for reorganization to complete and start a new development period

China Coast Defense (600764): Vigorously promote the development of military-civilian integration products and wait for reorganization to complete and start a new development period

Event: The company achieved revenue in 20183.

51 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.

36%; net profit attributable to mother is about 0.

67 ppm, a decrease of 17 per year.


Investment Highlights Great Wall Electronics completed its 18-year performance commitment.

In terms of business, revenue from special equipment electronics3.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.

42%, gross profit margin 54.

14%, an increase of 6 per year.

99pct, mainly because the gross profit margin of new research products is higher than that of older models by 13pct and internal cost control; operating income of power products is 0.

1.5 billion, down 23 a year.

13%, long-term growth in operating costs 9.

06%, resulting in the business segment being qualified.

The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 49.

71%; sales expenses dropped significantly 36.

72%, the management costs increase by 15 every year.

56% (but in fact this is due to the difference in merger scope between 17 and 18 years.

The company has a total of 4,615 management expenses of Great Wall Electronics for 18 years.

520,000 yuan, down 7 every year.


Net operating cash flow -1.

47 trillion, -0 in the same period last year.

5.6 billion.

At present, the whole company is mainly composed of Great Wall Electronics, and net profit after deducting non-attribution to the mother in 0 years.

77 trillion, completed performance commitments (17-19 performance commitments 0.



8.6 billion).

Vigorously promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration related products.

The company is vigorously promoting the in-depth development of military-civilian integration products, participating in military-civilian integration projects of leaders from multiple countries, becoming a major member of the underwater business of the smart marine business group of CSSC, and participating in CSSCConstruction of several projects under the group’s “Smart Ocean” project.

18 years is the year with the largest number of scientific research projects, especially model development tasks in the history of Great Wall Electronics. The smooth start and steady development of these projects will be the basis for the company’s progressive sustainable development.

The reorganization plan was agreed in principle by the SASAC.

The company price 67.

500 million acquisition of six stocks including Haisheng Technology, Liaohai Equipment, Jerry Electronics, and non-publicly raised funds not exceeding 32.

10,000 yuan, the restructuring plan this year 1.

No. 8 has been approved by the SASAC in principle, and the approval of the CSRC is required later.

Through this reorganization, China Haiphong ‘s main business is to expand the underwater information transmission to underwater information acquisition, underwater information detection and countermeasures, underwater evidence systems and supporting equipment to achieve full coverage of all professional areas of underwater information systems.At the same time, it is clear that the company, as a part of the group’s electronic information industry integration platform, thoroughly opens the business and capital channels of the research institutes and listed companies in advance, and dispels the market’s concerns about whether assets of scientific research institutes can be injected into listed companies.

After the completion of this injection, China Haiphong, as the only integrated platform of the China Shipbuilding 南京桑拿网 Industry Corporation’s electronic information industry, has become more vertical, and then gradually opened up the business and capital channels between the research institute and listed companies.

Investment suggestion: For prudent consideration, the current forecast does not include the newly injected assets and is published. Considering the maximum amount of supporting funds to be raised, the company’s net profit is calculated according to performance commitments, and the current price of China Coastal Defense corresponds to 36 times PE in 2019 after the reorganization.

We estimate that the Group’s electronic information sector profit will be 20 billion to 3 billion, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. It is reasonable to give an estimated premium and maintain a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: the progress of asset integration is slow.

Changan Automobile (000625) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: New Cars Boost 3Q19 Automatic Segment to Quickly Turnaround

Changan Automobile (000625) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: New Cars Boost 3Q19 Automatic Segment to Quickly Turnaround
Matters: The company released three quarterly reports. In the first three quarters of 2019, revenue was US $ 45.1 billion, every -10%, and net profit attributable to mothers was US $ 2.7 billion, each time -US $ 3.8 billion.Times-350,000 yuan.In the third quarter, single-quarter revenue was $ 15.2 billion, + 7% for the whole year, and net profit attributable to mothers-$ 400 million, +0 per year.600 million, located at -1 noticed by the Air Force.6 to -5.In the middle of the 6 trillion range, deducted non-attributed net profit -6.200 million, +0 a year.900 million yuan.  Comment: Chang’an independently deducted non-net profit of -100 million in a single quarter, a significant increase of 900 million from the previous quarter.1) 3Q19’s sales rose month-on-month, maximizing production capacity and increasing: Passenger cars (including Auchan) total wholesale 17.50,000 vehicles, up to -2% from the previous month, + 16% from the previous month. Production capacity has improved, which will boost the gross profit margin; commercial vehicles will be wholesale.10,000 vehicles, + 3% a year, -13% MoM.2) Product structure optimization: It is estimated that the profit margin of the CS35 equipped with Blue Whale and the new Yidong will be improved in July. At the same time, the sales of CS75 in August-September will exceed 10,000, which will also boost profit;The price is unchanged, and the additional average price of Changan passenger cars is 6 respectively.50,000, 6.90,000, 3Q19 chain up 0.40,000 yuan.The company’s gross profit margin rose to 18 in 3Q19.8% +0 per year.8PP, +6 from the previous quarter.9PP, the best level since 2017.3) Non-200 million in 3Q19: slightly higher than the estimated value at the time of performance forecast (100 million), including government subsidies400 million (including deferred income), about 600 million in 2Q19.4) Final autonomous 3Q19 net profit1.0ppm, +5 for one year.200 million, +5 chain.300 million; deduct non-net profit -1.0 billion, +7 a year.800 million, +9 chain.400 million, very quickly approaching a single-season turnaround.The replacement model CS75Plus drives Changan Autonomy to enter the new cycle first.The CS75Plus has performed well in this autonomous A-class SU replacement model, becoming the company’s new engine of growth.We expect that CS75Plus will bring significant sales growth and positive profit contribution to the company in the fourth quarter of this year and next year. Among them, it is expected to produce and sell about 60,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter (the sales volume in September this year has reached about 1.10,000 vehicles).  The overall investment income in the third quarter of 19 was -4.100 million a year -2.800 million, compared with -7.0 billion.  Changan Ford’s performance in 3Q19 is estimated to be weaker than 2Q19. The core still looks at Lincoln Corsair and the explorer.Changfu’s profit in the second quarter was about 2 billion yuan, and it is expected to return to extension in the third quarter, mainly because 3Q19 does not have the new centralized cost reduction in 2Q19, compensation for non-economic and other increases, and additional costs such as the introduction of new products and engineering costs.Sales volume, Changfu 3Q19 total wholesale5.40,000 vehicles, a year of -34%, a decrease of -61% earlier than 2Q19 narrowed, + 40% MoM, and capacity utilization 杭州夜网论坛 increased by about 7 points MoM.It will take some time for Changfu’s old models to boost sales, relying on the industry to recover and repairing its own sales capabilities.In the short term, the focus of the revival is on the subsequent two new mid-to-high-end models-Lincoln Corsair at the end of the year and Explorer next year, trying to bring the company a better-than-expected repair.  Changan Mazda’s 3Q19 is estimated to be similar or slightly worse than 2Q19.Sales volume, 3Q19 total wholesale3.50,000 vehicles, a year of -9%, a decrease of -37% from the previous 2Q19, narrower than the previous quarter, + 25%, the capacity utilization increased.However, the replacement horse 3 Angksela was listed on September 26, and the product switch had a certain impact on the third quarter profit. It is expected that the increase will be reflected in 4Q19.  Investment suggestion: We maintain the company’s expected net profit attributable to mothers for 19-20 years1.0 billion, 4.5 billion, corresponding to the current PE330,7.7 times, corresponding to PB0.7, 0.7 times, given the company’s 2019 target PB1.2 times (plate center), maintaining 11.47 yuan target price, maintain “strong push” rating.Risk warning: The macro economy is lower than expected, the industry sales are lower than expected, and Changfu new car sales are lower than expected.

Chinese New Year wine and meat constantly, how to raise the spleen and stomach?

Chinese New Year wine and meat constantly, how to raise the spleen and stomach?

Click to buy the Spring Festival, everyone will inevitably gather together, drink a little wine, big fish and meat, which will cause great damage to the spleen and stomach. Severe symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding will occur.Spleen?

  What spleen and stomach to drink porridge 1, millet yam porridge Materials: fresh yam, millet, sugar.

  Method: Wash and mash the yam, cook it with millet for porridge, add the right amount of sugar, and eat on an empty stomach.

  Effect: spleen and diarrhea, digestion and stagnation.

It is also suitable for children with weak spleen and stomach and indigestion.

  2, potato porridge material: 100 grams of potatoes, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Peel potatoes, clean them, cut into small pieces, and cook porridge with rice.

  Efficacy: Potatoes are sweet and flat, with spleen and moderate, and beneficial qi tone effects. This porridge is suitable for dry stomach, stomach pain, constipation and so on.

  3, milk porridge ingredients: 100 grams of rice, 500 grams of milk.

  Method: After the rice is washed, boiled with water and boiled, and when it is boiled with low heat to make porridge, pour in milk and stir well. Continue cooking on low heat for about 40-50 minutes.

Can be eaten directly or with sugar or salt depending on taste.

  Efficacy: Tonic Qi, nourish stomach and muscles.

  4, yam and red date sticky rice porridge materials: 100 grams of yam, 10 red dates, 100 grams of glutinous rice, the amount of sugar or rock sugar.

  Method: Wash and peel yam, cut glutinous rice and red dates into pot with yam, add water to cook together, first boil on fire, then turn to slow heat, then add proper sugar or rock sugar when the porridge is ready.
  Efficacy: Chinese yam and red dates and glutinous rice porridge can strengthen the spleen and nourish the qi, nourish the stomach and medium, and often take the spleen and nourish the stomach.

  5, chestnut porridge material: rice porridge 1 small bowl, 3 chestnuts.


  Method: Peel the chestnuts and chop them.

Set the pot on the fire, add water, add chestnuts to cook, mix with rice porridge and cook until cooked, add salt to make it have a light salty taste.

Chestnuts must be peeled off and cooked.

  Efficacy: Chestnut porridge is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other nutrients.

Chestnuts are abundant in autumn, and eating them in moderation is good for the body.

Although chestnuts are rich in nutrition, they are easy to bloat if they eat too much.

Measure what kind of happy life you want

Measure what kind of happy life you want

Everyone wants to live a happy life.

Everyone has different definitions of happiness. Some people think that they can live without worry if they have money. This is happiness, and some people think that living an ordinary life with someone they like is happiness.

And what kind of happy life do you want to live?

  Problem Beautiful and vast pastures, a green meadow, and a group of cattle leisurely eating tender grass.

As the owner of the ranch, you want to raise another animal in this ranch in addition to the existing cattle.

Hmm . what kind of animals should I keep?


Winnie B.

Dog C.

Goat, sheep D.

Pony answer analysis choice A: Unless captive by humans, bears with a free, wild atmosphere symbolize your unrestricted yearning for nature.

Being surrounded by civilization all day makes you full of difficult psychological pressure.

Even if I have to stay in the urban jungle for the sake of living, I still hope in the future that I will have the opportunity to live in a day surrounded by nature.

And your leisure life also reflects this phenomenon. As soon as you get to the holiday, you want to leave the metropolitan area, go to the mountains, the seaside, camping, and picnics.

Interests in getting close to wildlife such as bird watching and fishing are also suitable.

The next time you choose to travel overseas does not prevent you from visiting the natural ecology of New Zealand, Australia and other places.

  Choice B: Of course, the animals most often kept by humans as pets are of course dog puppets, and once the animals that have been accustomed to being raised leave the owner, it is difficult to live independently.

Choosing a dog means that you have become accustomed to living in a convenient and cosmopolitan city, lively crowds, high-rise buildings . Although noisy, you can live comfortably.

Sometimes when you are in a too empty and quiet place, you feel lonely and dissatisfied with material enjoyment.

If you go to the front of the village and the back of the store, you feel inconvenient everywhere, not to mention living in such an environment!

  Choice C: Although goats and sheep are also often raised by humans, they are usually kept in multiple open pastures.

Therefore, the relationship with the owner is not close and difficult to communicate.

However, the sheep themselves are rather weak animals, and it is difficult to resist fierce external beasts, and to some extent they need the protection of the owner.

Therefore, the choice of sheep symbolizes that you still have a longing for pastoral life in your heart, but at least you need minimum convenience.

That is, it doesn’t matter a little bit, but it’s too remote and desolate to miss you.

Of course, I still like to go to the suburbs during holidays, but the place to choose must be at least water, electricity, and even where you can buy daily necessities. It is best that the big brother can get the signal!

  Choice D: Among the animals most frequently raised by humans, animals that run fast should be stables.

Choosing a horse with a sense of speed symbolizes that you are often chased by time in your daily life, and you are accustomed to this life in a hurry.

So speaking you are a person who is more inclined to urban life.

However, horses still have a wild side, just like you live in the city, you usually give priority to work, but when you are on holiday, you are eager to have a free spirit.

But it ‘s not just casually setting up a tent. It ‘s called leisure. In your concept of leisure, you still have some taste, such as villas, rural farms, golf courses, spacious grounds, but there are still highly civilized places.

Grim employment becomes a new style of job search

Grim employment becomes a new style of job search

2009 is the most severe year of employment in history. Employment has become the focus of public opinion. University students who are about to step out of campus and enter society in 2009 are destined to become the most lonely and desolate dancers on the employment stage.

How to help these hopeful talents get out of the misunderstanding of employment and find a vast world where they can flex their muscles has become the common responsibility of all sectors of society.

    When the halo becomes yoke 8%!

This is the result of a survey released by the Education Department of Shandong Province in April this year. According to statistics, as of April of this year, the employment contract rate of fresh graduates in Shandong Province accounted for only 8%, a decrease of more than 50% from the same period last year.

    If the cold numbers do not fully describe the pressure of college students’ employment, the major job fairs across the country have repeatedly caused traffic disruptions due to excessive participation and congested job seekers, and even squeezed. The news of stomping accidents has increasingly made peopleIntuitively recognize the billowing smoke on the employment battlefield.

    The fertility peak that began in the early 1980s, the expansion of colleges and universities in the late 1990s, and the sudden global economic crisis in 2008 . But college students have long lost their halo, but the word “employment” is heavyA lot of people expected.

    ”In fact, the employment environment is not as bad as people think. Graduates’ self-positioning is fuzzy and career planning is chaotic, which in fact exacerbates the difficult situation of employment.”

Senior human resources expert, Zhang Yingning of China Talent Network said to the current employment goals: From the perspective of human resource market demand, the “cold winter in the workplace” has passed the coldest stage.

Beginning in February this year, the talent demand index of 19 industries across the country has begun to pick up, and the overall demand is even slightly higher than the same period last year.

Zhang Yongning believes that the graduates’ job search direction is too narrow, and the scope of job search is too single, which has increased excessive employment pressure for themselves.

“From the statistics of the China Talent Network, the demand for personnel in the primary industry, including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery, is very strong, and the demand for talents in non-profit organizations has also increased compared with the previous period. However, graduates who really choose these industries andnot much.

The status of college students has even become an obstacle to many graduates’ job search, and has become an invisible shackle. ”

    In order to cope with the difficult employment problem in the new century, the government agencies have frequently formulated and promulgated various policies to promote employment, creating many convenient conditions for college students to enter the grassroots.

A few days ago, the Hubei Provincial Department of Education issued the “Hubei Provincial Employment Promotion Policy Announcement”, which announced a total of 23 employment policies, including the employment of grassroots for more than two years to enjoy civil service exam points, and tuition compensation.Policies such as self-employment and loans can encourage college students to bravely move to the grassroots.

    The successive introduction of related policies has, to some extent, reversed the situation where employment of college students has been concentrated in large and medium-sized cities for a long time, and the overall cultural quality of grassroots staff has improved.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, it is planned to recruit 1,600 village officials in 2009, and a total of 19,463 eligible graduates will apply, with an admission ratio of 12: 1, much more than the previous 6: 1.

Among the applicants, there were 50 doctoral students and 2745 master’s students. Their educational level was higher than those of previous applicants. Therefore, in 2009, they were also dubbed as the “first year of the second generation of knowledge youths going to the countryside”.

    More and more college students are going to the countryside. Not only have they found career space for many graduates who are worried about employment issues, but they have also provided fresh blood for grass-roots organizations. This group of college students “first movers” also shoulders the burden of learning for the upcoming students.The important task of younger girls to improve the employment environment at the grassroots level.

The “going to the countryside”, which has become so popular in 2009, may become the beginning of a virtuous circle of employment.

    ”Next” is a strategy. “A lot of college students send hundreds of cover letters every day, and they constantly travel to major job fairs, thinking that this is the attitude of actively seeking work.

In fact, this purposeless, unstrategized job search job not only has a low success rate, but also causes a great blow to the self-confidence of job seekers.

“Senior human resources expert, Zhang Yingning of China Talent Network pointed out that active employment is not just about actively contacting and contacting enterprises. It is more important to always pay attention to relevant national policies and look for policies that are consistent with your future career plan.Articles, as well as international industries that actively promote development, certain new energy sources, and infrastructure construction.

    For many college students, especially those who grow up in cities, grass-roots work will face many unexpected difficulties, but in fiercely competitive cities, grass-roots students will have more room for growth and exercise opportunities.

    Working environment and income level are the reasons why many graduates are reluctant to choose grassroots work.

However, for college students who have just graduated and have no work experience, it is most important to be able to gain something from their work and grow.

There is no doubt that the successful cases of university student village officials are frequently exposed. Encouraged by national policies, the income competitiveness of grassroots work and the support platform are broader. Coupled with a series of favorable policies, it is easier for lower grassroots college students to obtain enoughRoom for improvement.

    ”This caused them to regain their growth, just like those salmon fish bravely breaking into the sea.” Zhang Yingning described the graduate’s “going to the countryside” using the metaphor of salmon: salmon was born in fresh water. Due to limited living space, manyRelatively small in size, the newly born salmon was forced to leave the familiar river and into the sea.

As the sea has more abundant food and a wider space, these salmon will grow larger and stronger.

    For graduates, grassroots work is a “blue ocean” full of vitality and challenges. As long as you seize the opportunity, “down” is not a performance that evades reality, but a positive career strategy. The next step may beLet your career be broad.