[Tangbao meat filling recipe]_How to make_How to make

[Tangbao meat filling recipe]_How to make_How to make

People who have never eaten soup packs should all yearn for the taste of soup packs, because those who eat soup packs are often seen on the television with a satisfied face.

Especially after the thin skin of the soup bag is bitten, the moment when the soup comes out is the most wonderful moment.

When making soup pots, in addition to the outer skin selection of the cans, the filling selection is also very important.

Because only when the filling is selected correctly can the soup pack produce a strong soup, then what is the choice of fillings for the soup pack?

The basic meat filling of the soup pot generally replaces the pork leg meat, and it is best to be the kind of pork leg meat that is 7 points thin and 3 points fat, without a little fascia.

This kind of meat is easy to chop and stuff. If you freeze the pork leg for a while and then take the chop, you can chop the mince in a few minutes.

After the meat is chopped, add cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper and salt and stir well. The next step is to grab the water into the meat. The amount of water is about half of the meat, and 1 kg of water for 2 kg of meat.

In the step of grabbing the water into the meat, the most important thing is not to pour the water all at once. Add a little water for the first time, and slowly stir the meat clockwise.

Remember, stir clockwise from beginning to end. This direction must not be wrong. If it is initially counterclockwise, it will continue to be counterclockwise until the water is absorbed by the meat and then pour water.Pour it a little bit, wait until the water is absorbed, then add the stirring speed from slow to fast. The meat filling after mixing should be jelly-like and no excess water can be seen.

At this point, the basic meat filling of the soup pot is complete.

In order to wrap it better, you can freeze it for an hour in the refrigerator, and then you can easily wrap it.

Mysterious ingredients one: tofu, tofu, soy sauce.

A pound of meat filling with a piece of tofu, two spoons of bean curd, and two spoons of soy sauce are the ceramic spoons we use for soup.

With these ingredients, there is no need for salt and ginger.

Mysterious ingredient two: water for mushrooms.

Use the water of the mushrooms instead of water to catch the meat.

Mysterious recipe three: Shandong green onion minced.

Chop Shandong green onions into minced shallots and mix well with sesame oil before use.

When you start filling the soup, put the minced onion on top of the minced meat, put an appropriate amount of minced meat on the skin, and then put a proper amount of minced onion on the skin.

Remember not to mix the minced green onions in the meat, which will initially cause the smell of onion in the soup.

[Does peach get fat easily?】 _Get fat_impact

妗冨瓙杩欑姘存灉瀵屽惈纰虫按鍖栧悎鐗╋紝杩欐槸鍏朵粬寰堝姘存灉鎵€娌℃湁鐨勭壒鐐癸紝澶у閮界煡閬擄紝琛ュ厖纰虫按鍖栧悎鐗╂槸蹇€熻ˉ鍏呰兘閲忕殑閫斿緞锛岄櫎姝や箣澶栵紝妗冨瓙杩樺惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑绮楃氦缁达紝鎵€浠ュ悆浜嗚兘澶熶績杩涜偁鑳冭爼鍔紝瀵规不鐤椾究绉樻槸鏈夊府鍔╃殑锛屾湁涔犳儻鎬т究绉樼殑浜猴紝澶忓ぉ涓嶅Θ鍙互澶氬悆涓€浜涙瀛愶紝鍚冩瀛愪細涓嶄細瀵艰嚧鍙戣儢鍛紵妗冨瓙瀹规槗鍙戣儢鍚楋紵涓€鑸笉浼氾紒妗冨瓙涓嶆槸楂樼儹閲忕殑椋熺墿锛屼笉鍚屽搧绉嶇殑妗冨瓙鐑噺鍊兼湁鎵€宸 Shu admits that you have to learn from each other?8澶у崱/100鍏嬨€備竴涓瀛愮殑鍙閮ㄥ垎澶ф鏄?00鍏嬪乏鍙筹紝鐑噺鍊间篃灏辨槸100澶у崱鐨勬牱瀛愶紝鍚冧簡涓€鑸笉澶細鍙戣儢銆傝€屼笖锛屾瀛愬This is the best way to find out what is happening in the village. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on here.忚偉鐨勬渶浣虫椂闂翠竴鑸潵璇达紝鍙涓嶈繃閲忕殑鍚冩瀛愭槸涓嶄細鍙戣儢鐨勩€傝€屼笖锛屽鏋滈€夊浜嗗悎閫傜殑鏃堕棿鍚冿紝杩樿兘甯姪鍑忚偉銆?What is the best way to do this? Kun: What are you doing here? What are you doing? Do you know what you are doing? Do you want to go?銆佹瀛愬綋鏅氶钖冿细鏅氶瑕佸悆浣庣儹浛閮ㄥ垎鏅氶鍚冦€傚綋鐒讹紝鏅氫笂鐫″墠鏈€濂戒笉瑕佸悆妗冨瓙锛屼互鍏嶈儉姘斻€傛瀛愬噺鑲ヤ笉鍙┖鑵归鐢ㄥ洜涓烘瀛愮殑绯栫被涓板瘜锛岀┖鑵归鐢ㄥ悗瀹规槗娑堝寲鎺掔┖鑲犺儍锛屽悓鏃舵瀛愮殑鏈夋満閰稿惈閲忚緝澶氾紝鑳戒績杩涜偁鑳冭爼鍔紝绌鸿吂椋熺敤浼氫娇寰楄偁鑳冧笉閫傦紝鎵€浠ョ┖鑵逛笉瀹滈鐢ㄦ瀛愩€備竴澶╁悆澶氬皯妗冨瓙鍚堥€傛瀛愬睘浜Press and hold the pickaxe, press the button, and click on the button. Do you want to pick it up? Do you want to slow down? Do you want to slow down? Sore ╅?~2涓緝浣筹紝姣忎釜鏄熸湡2~3娆″氨琛屻€傚彟澶栵紝妗冨瓙寤鸿鍦ㄤ袱椁愪箣闂撮鐢ㄥ悗椁愬悗椋熺敤杈冨ソ銆傛瀛愪笉鏄撳彂鑳栦絾鍚冨浼氫笂鐏瀛愬睘浜庢俯鐑殑姘存灉锛屽鏋滄槸鐑€т綋璐ㄧ殑璇濇棤鐤戣灏戝悆妗冨瓙锛屼互鍏嶅姞閲嶄綋鍐呯伀姘旓紝寮曞彂涓婄伀鐨勭棁鐘躲€傞矞瀚╁姹佺殑妗冨瓙鍦ㄥ澶╁彲涓嶆槸瑙f殤鐨勬按鏋滐紝鎵€浠ヨ娉ㄦ剰椋熺墿鐨勬€ц川鍐嶆潵鑰冭檻椋熺敤鎯呭喌銆傝繕鏈夛紝鍚冨妗冨瓙鑲犺儍鍒烘縺涓ラ噸锛岃繕浼氬鑷磋倸瀛愮柤鎴栨媺鑲氬瓙绛夋儏鍐点€傚鏋滃悆妗冨Awkward, hard, hard, hard, fast, hard, hard, fast, hard, fast, slow, slow, hard, fast, slow, slow, hard, fast, slow, slow, slow, hardAre you going to visit Beibifeng in Beijing?

[Is it possible to eat snowdrops during lactation]_Snowdrops_Maternal_Eating Taboo

[Is it possible to eat snowdrops during lactation]_Snowdrops_Maternal_Eating Taboo

Many people know that there are many dietary precautions for women who have just born a baby. After all, if they are not careful, they will have a great impact on the baby and Baoma. Although the snow lotus fruit has a great effect on the human body,Yes, but many mothers want to know if they can eat snowdrops during lactation?

Maternal consumption is not recommended.

Although the snowdrop fruit has many effects, the cold nature of the snowdrop fruit is not in line with the principle of postpartum warm supplement diet for pregnant women.

Maternal frailty should eat warm food to nourish the body. Eating snowdrops may worsen the body’s coldness and affect the maternal body’s recovery.

The coldness of the snowdrop fruit is not in line with the postpartum warm-up diet principle, which is not conducive to the recovery of the maternal body.

Breastfeeding can also cause diarrhea in your baby, so it’s best not to consume it.

Although snowdrops are rich in nutrients, they can regulate blood, clear heat and detoxify, can lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. They are also very good for the skin.

Breastfeeding can also cause diarrhea in your baby, so it’s best not to consume it.
Because the properties of snowdrop fruit are severely cold, and the parturient consumes less physical energy due to childbirth, the hormone levels in the body are greatly reduced after childbirth, and the transplantation of the newborn and the placenta has reduced the maternal metabolism.Eat too much cold food.

In addition, if a mother eats too many cold foods, she cannot bear her own gastrointestinal tract, which may easily cause diarrhea, which will cause diarrhea after the baby is fed, so the postpartum diet should be warm.

[Is peanut and red bean barley soy milk nutritious?]_ Efficacy_Necessary

璞嗘祮鏄緢澶氫汉鏃╅涓殑閲嶈涓€閮ㄥ垎锛岄€氬父鎯呭喌涓嬶紝浜轰滑骞虫椂椋熺敤鐨勮眴娴嗛兘鏄€氳繃鍚勭璞嗗瓙鐮旂(鍒舵垚鐨勶紝鍙互鏈夋晥琛ュ厖浜轰滑韬綋鐨勮泲鐧借川锛岄櫎浜嗙敤璞嗗瓙鏉ュ埗浣滆眴娴嗕互澶栵紝鐜板湪寰堝浜虹敤鑺辩敓绾㈣眴钖忕背鏉ュ仛璞嗘祮銆傞兘鏈夊緢澶氫汉鏉ヨ杩欐槸涓€绉嶆柊鐨勪笢瑗裤€傞偅灏卞鑷村緢澶氫汉浼氭湁鐤戦棶鑺辩敓绾㈣眴钖忕背璞嗘祮鐩告瘮璞嗙被鐨勮眴娴嗘湁钀ュ吇鍚?The chains are so sloppy?1 Debates, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows.棣栧厛鍑嗗濂介鏉愶細鑺辩敓 绾㈣眴 钖忎粊 鎴戞槸鎸夌収涓€姣斾竴鐨勬瘮渚嬫斁鐨?.騻 稂 稞 驞 噣 鹴 戞 病 餋 夁 十 嶆 堆堆 鍍 鍟 鍟?How about the chains and the chains? How are you going to do it?.男 珲 叆 Pu 奘 祮 Cha?Dihe, grandma?餃 夋 嫨 骞 茶 阌?鈙 ¤ Stretching  卙 夋 夨 嫨 僨 蜴) 4.What is the difference between the ring and the ring?涓€鑲℃祿閮佺殑鑺辩敓绾㈣眴棣?.How are you going to die?You can work together to make a difference. You can play a role in the game. You can’t help it. You can’t do it. You can’t do it. Do you want to do it?Ammonia bees are as good as you are, and you’re in the middle of the world. You can’t talk about it. You can’t talk about it. You can’t talk about it. You can’t talk about it.椋熷搧涔嬩竴锛岃嚜鍙や互鏉ュ氨鏈夆€滈暱鐢熸灉鈥濈殑缇庤獕銆傛皯璋氶亾锛氣€滃父鍚冭姳鐢熻兘鍏荤敓鈥濓紝鐮旂┒鍙戠幇锛屽叾鍏锋湁涓€瀹氱殑鑽敤浠峰€煎拰淇濆仴鍔熻兘銆?銆 侀 骷 麷 座 唲 鍲 唲 鍲 唲 锲 菲 駳 醲 璸 玸  惈 湈 湃 湃 懑 浜 氜 湰 菰 谰 欩 欑 杒 鐗 雒 凑 凑 凑 揃 刑 揙 刑 揙 刑 揙 刑 揙 刑 揃 刑 揙 刔 揃В Juanhong and her husband are not the only ones who want to know how to do it.  \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \e父鍊艰€屽紩鍙戝绉嶅績鑴戣绠$柧鐥呯殑鍙戠敓鐜囥€?銆佸欢缂撲汉浣撹“鑰侊細鑺辩敓涓殑閿屽厓绱犲惈閲忔櫘閬嶉珮浜庡叾浠栨补鏂欎綔鐗┿€傞攲鑳戒績杩涘効绔ュぇ鑴戝彂鑲诧紝鏈夊寮哄ぇ鑴戠殑璁板繂鍔熻兘;鍙縺娲讳腑鑰佸勾浜鸿剳缁嗚優锛屾湁鏁堝湴寤剁紦浜轰綋杩囨棭琛拌€侊紝鍏锋湁鎶楄€佸寲浣滅敤銆?銆侀闃茶偪鐦わ細鑺辩敓銆佽姳鐢熸补涓惈鏈変竴绉嶇敓鐗╂椿鎬у緢寮虹殑澶╃劧澶氶厷绫荤墿璐ㄢ€旂櫧钘滆姦閱囥€傚畠鏄偪鐦ょ柧鐥呯殑澶╃劧鍖栧棰勯槻鍓傦紝鍚屾椂杩樿兘闄嶄綆琛€灏忔澘鑱氶泦锛岄闃插拰娌荤枟鍔ㄨ剦绮ユ牱纭寲銆佸績鑴戣绠$柧鐥呫€傝€岀櫧钘滆姦閱囪鍒椾负鏈€鏈夋晥鐨勬姉琛拌€佺墿璐ㄤ箣涓€銆傝€屽瘜鍚櫧钘滆姦閱囩殑鑺辩敓銆佽姳鐢熸补绛夌浉鍏宠姳鐢熷埗鍝佸皢浼氬楗涓庡仴搴峰彂鎸ユ洿澶х殑浣滅敤銆傝姳鐢熺殑钀ュ吇浠峰€艰姳鐢熺殑鐑噺楂樹簬鑲夌被锛屾瘮鐗涘ザ楂?0%: 汾 瘮 楦 ¤ Hawthorn?0%銆傚叾浠栧铔嬬櫧璐紝鏍歌泲绱狅紝閽欙紝纾凤紝閾佺瓑涔熼兘姣旂墰濂躲€佽倝銆佽泲绛夎楂樸€傝姳鐢熶腑杩樺惈鏈夌淮鐢熺礌A銆丅銆丒銆並绛夛紝浠ュ強鍗电7鑴傘€佽泲鐧芥皑鍩洪吀銆佽儐纰卞拰娌归吀銆佽惤鑺辩敓閰搞€佽剛鑲吀銆佹姒堥吀绛夈€?

Angel Yeast (600298): Depreciation of exchange rate is beneficial for export business profit improvement

Angel Yeast (600298): Depreciation of exchange rate is beneficial for export business profit improvement

Event description: From January to September, the company realized revenue of 55.

6 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

5%, net profit 6.

6.6 billion, down by 1 every year.

2%; net profit margin is 11.

97%, down by 1 every year.

78 units.

Core point of view: 1. In the third and third quarters, the growth rate of revenue and profit improved significantly from the previous quarter: in the third quarter, it achieved operating income of 18 in a single quarter.

460,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

4% (11% in the first half of the year.

63%), net profit 2.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

8% (down 7 in the first half of the year.

66%), the growth rate improved significantly.

In terms of revenue 深圳桑拿网 split, in the third quarter, the revenue of major business units increased by more than 10%, of which health products, brewing business, and YE revenue increased by more than 20%.

Based on the rebound of sugar prices in the third quarter, the revenue of the sugar business also improved.

In terms of exports, benefiting from the depreciation of the RMB, the export revenue of participating products’ yeast increased by 12%, faster than domestic revenue growth.

It is expected that the growth rate will continue to pick up in the fourth quarter, with a 14% -15% growth probability.

2. Reasonable factors were gradually lifted, and the return to normal levels dragged down the growth rate: It was determined through the relocation of the Yili factory that Yili ‘s capacity utilization rebounded to about 90%, which helped improve 重庆耍耍网 the company ‘s profitability.

The Russian factory has also started to make a profit this year. It is expected to contribute about 50 million yuan in profit. The overall cost of molasses has also fallen, and many potential factors have been lifted.

However, due to the gradual decrease in the deductible amount of revenue, the company’s income rate gradually recovered from 10% to the normal 15%. From January to September, the cost increased by 4,564 million, and it is expected to increase by about 7,000-9,000 million.

Regardless of the increase in profit growth from January to September4.


3. The increase in management expenses and sales expense ratio, and the increase in foreign exchange earnings are the main reason for the improvement in profit: the gross profit margin in the third quarter was 33.

72% decreased slightly by 0 per second.

11 units, basically flat.

However, due to factors such as the two-drug system of drugs and an increase in sales staff, the sales expense ratio rose by zero in the third quarter.

5 units.

Due to the increase in management personnel and the increase in operating expenses of overseas companies, the management expense ratio rose by zero.

9 units.

In addition, due to the appreciation of the US dollar in the third quarter, the appreciation of the Egyptian pound and the ruble generated exchange gains, and the financial expense ratio fell by 2.

08 singles, is the most preliminary improvement in profit.

4. Profit forecast and rating: The company’s performance has improved significantly, and the transfer of the old and new management teams is smooth. We believe that as long as the government supports the future, the management team remains stable, and the new generation participates in incentives, the company will eventually go out of the trough and bring good rewards to shareholders.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.

12 yuan, 1.

23 yuan and 1.

34 yuan, maintaining the “recommended” level.

5. Risk warning: raw material prices are rising too fast, production capacity is less than expected, political changes in overseas markets, exchange rate changes, etc.

Yutong Bus (600066) June production and sales data review: production and sales have significantly improved for decades and are optimistic about the increase in performance brought by overseas business

Yutong Bus (600066) June production and sales data review: production and sales have significantly improved for decades and are optimistic about the increase in performance brought by overseas business

Event description: The company released the June 2019 production and sales report. In June 2019, the company’s passenger car production and sales were 4,367 and 4,550 vehicles, respectively, and this year’s gradual production and sales were 24,387 and 25,427 vehicles.

Event comment Production and sales have improved significantly for the time being, and the performance of Chinese customers is dazzling.

On the whole, the company’s passenger car production and sales have increased significantly, turning positive for many years, with monthly production and sales of 4,367 and 4,550 vehicles, each increasing by 4 each time.

30%, 8.

63%, the cumulative production and sales this year were 24387 and 25429, respectively, and the growth rate was -4.

52%, 2.


In terms of different models, the monthly production and sales of large passenger cars, medium-sized passenger cars, and light-duty passenger cars both improved from the previous month. Among them, the production and sales of medium-sized passenger cars increased by 34 in June.

64%, 33.

16%, an increase of 43 each year.

82%, 54.


The transition period for subsidies for new energy buses has not yet ended, which is expected to bring some increase to the company.

According to the new energy vehicle subsidy policy in 2019, the transition period for new energy transport vehicles will be supplemented from May 8, 2019 to August 7, 2019. It is expected that the new energy transport vehicle market will be installed in July, and boots will be promoted as newEnergy buses are part of the increase.

However, on the whole, railways have squeezed the demand for passenger cars, and new energy has replenished the decline, which has put some pressure on passenger car production and sales, and the industry as a whole is still under pressure.

Product lines are perfected to increase margins of performance and safety, and overseas business is expected to provide incremental business for the company.

From an industry perspective, the urbanization rate has continued to increase. Many overseas countries have announced a timetable for banning the sale of traditional energy vehicles. New energy buses and overseas businesses are expected to provide new increments for the passenger car sector.

As the leader of the passenger car industry, the company has a leading market share of large and medium-sized passenger cars, complete product lines of passenger cars, covering the company’s active deployment 杭州桑拿网 of overseas markets, and covering six major regions in Europe, the CIS, the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East through multiple channelsIn more than ten countries and regions such as Ethiopia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Myanmar, Pakistan, Venezuela and other countries and regions to conduct local cooperation through KD assembly, the company is expected to further expand the market through its rich technology accumulation and promotion experience, and provide incremental growth for the company.

Investment suggestion: As a leader in the passenger car industry, the company has a high overall safety margin, expanding the company’s continuous R & D and expansion, actively distributing high-end products and overseas markets, promoting the continuous optimization of the company’s product structure, and the steady improvement of profitability.

Based on this, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.



29, corresponding to the company’s closing price of 13 on July 5, 2019.

69 yuan, the company’s PE for 2019-2021 will be 11.



63. Maintain the company’s “overweight” rating.

Existing risks: major adjustments in industry policies; advancement of high-end products has fallen short of expectations; overseas business has fallen short of expectations.

Jingwang Electronics (603228): Performance in line with expectations optimistic about the company’s steady growth

Jingwang Electronics (603228): Performance in line with expectations optimistic about the company’s steady growth

Event: The company released the 2019 first quarter report and achieved operating income13.

160,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.

57%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

84 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.


The upgrading of the existing production line and the release of the second phase of Jiangxi ‘s new production capacity have resulted in a steady increase in company revenue.

The company’s existing production lines in Shenzhen, Longchuan, and Jiangxi were upgraded and expanded to expand production capacity. At the same time, Jiangxi’s second phase of new production capacity was released, resulting in increased operating income.


Sales expenses increase by 14 per year.

51%, lower than the growth rate of revenue; management expenses increase by 49 per year.

38%, mainly due to budget stock incentive costs, repair costs increased; financial costs increased by 64.

06%, mainly due to the increase in interest expenses on convertible bonds; research and development costs increased by 21 each year.

92%; net cash flows from operating activities increase by 36 per year.

25%, mainly due to the increase in sales scale, continued strengthening of customer repayment management, increased export tax rebates and reduced taxes and fees.

The decline in gross profit in the single quarter was due to the transition period of Zhuhai Seaview.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first quarter of 2019 was 29.

09%, a decrease of 3 per year.

7 averages, down by 0 from the previous month.

15 units.

In December 2018, the company completed the merger and acquisition of 51% of Zhuhai’s win-win (now Jingwang Flexible) 深圳夜生活 equity merger and acquisition in Zhuhai. In 2018, Zhuhai Jingwang Flexible consolidated and replaced about 15 million yuan. The first quarter of 2019 is still in the process of production line optimizationin.

We believe that with the company’s long-term accumulation of excellent management capabilities, it is expected that Jingwang Flexibility will quickly achieve integration and upgrade, and gradually move towards increasing revenue and profit.

The logic of shifting global PCB production capacity to mainland China remains the same, and the growth ceiling of high-quality companies is high enough.

According to Prismark data, the PCB output value of mainland China in 2018 was 327.

US $ 2 billion, and it is expected that China’s PCB output value will grow at a compound rate of 4-20 years from 2018-2023.

4%, leading the world, the trend of global PCB transfer to the mainland continues to deepen.

The company’s revenue in 2018 was 49.

8.6 billion, accounting for only 2% of mainland PCB output value.

2%, as one of the companies with the strongest profitability in the industry and the highest net interest rate level, is still in full growth space.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 10 in 2019-2021.

10,000 yuan, 12.

6.6 billion, 16.

41 trillion, corresponding to 2 EPS.

33 yuan, 2.

94 yuan, 3.

81 yuan, the annual growth rate was 24.

6%, 26.

5%, 29.

7%.Focusing on the domestic 5G commercial advancement, the popularization of automotive electronics and other emerging demand in the PCB market, meanwhile it is expected that the company’s new automated production line is expected to achieve higher yields and efficiency. Zhuhai Wangfeng’s profit level will gradually move closer to the company’s FPC business and maintain buying.A’s investment rating has a 6-month target price of 77.

76 yuan.

Risk warning: Macroeconomic fluctuations, intensified competition in the industry, and the start-up of new projects is less than expected.

Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning in winter with coal stove

Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning in winter with coal stove

Winter is here and various heating facilities are beginning to play their respective roles.

Although there are also some households using electric heating equipment such as heaters, electric ovens, etc., it cannot be denied that there are many households using coal stoves.

The most important thing to pay attention to when using coal stoves in winter is to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Experts tell you how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in winter.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is life-threatening. Headaches should be opened urgently. Carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incomplete combustion of coal when using coal stoves or other coal-fired heaters.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely harmful to the human body and has a very high mortality rate. Even being rescued, the brain can cause amnesia or personality disorders.

Red blood cells in the blood contain hemoglobin, which has the function of combining oxygen with oxygen to transport it up and down the body.

Inhaled carbon monoxide can be combined with hemoglobin before the oxygen, and the body will gradually cause carbon monoxide poisoning due to insufficient oxygen inhalation.

Because carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, even if the concentration of carbon monoxide in the room is high, some people may not be able to detect it, which is one of the reasons for the high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the air until there is only 0.

04% concentration of carbon monoxide will cause dizziness, headache and vomiting in 1-2 hours. If the concentration is higher, it will cause death in 2 hours.

Experts remind you that when you use coal stoves, you should pay attention to regularly opening the window for ventilation, especially when there is discomfort such as vomiting and vomiting, you must also be alert and open the window quickly.

Winter service windows and ventilation, pay attention to drunks and child experts said that if carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected, shut down the heater properly, and open the windows to ventilate and accept fresh air.

Because carbon monoxide poisoning is an environmental type of disease, symptoms can usually be relieved by removing environmental factors.

If it is found to be a critically ill patient, open the window and ventilate while calling out for help, dial the emergency number, and implement first aid such as artificial breathing.

Experts also suggest that sometimes even for new coal stoves, carbon monoxide poisoning due to incorrect use is also a common occurrence.

Prevention is still correct mainly by regularly opening windows for ventilation.

In addition, special attention should be paid to drunk people, the elderly and children who are generally difficult to detect the symptoms, so these people should pay more attention.


Li Dong to make up the winter, how to make up?

Remember 3 sentences!

Li Dong “to make up the winter”, how to make up?
Remember 3 sentences!

Today is the winter season, and the winter has always had the custom of “making winter and making up winter”.

As the saying goes, “Winter tonic, going up the mountain to fight the tiger, can’t “blindly make up”, how to make up?

Xiao Gu teaches everyone a few words to make up for it!

The first sentence is less salty, more hard, and safe to make up!

From the beginning of the winter, the cold weather officially entered the stage of the season.

Chinese medicine believes that it can be tonic at this time, but the diet should be “less salty, more bitter”, because according to the theory of Chinese medicine, winter is the time when the kidney is strong, and the kidney is salty, and the heart is bitter.

If the salty taste is eaten in winter, it will make the kidney water that is already biased more exciting, and the five elements of water will ignite the fire, thus weakening the strength of the heart, so you should eat more bitter food at this time to help the heart, soCan resist the kidney water that has passed.

Recommended: bitter food bitter gourd, celery, lettuce, lettuce and other vegetables, in addition to nourishing the heart, these bitter foods in place of amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, trace elements, etc., can be used to refresh the mind, eliminate fatigue and other effects.
The second sentence is re-raised by the young, re-adjusted in the middle age, and the old age is guaranteed!

Li Dongjin’s “complement” will also vary from person to person.

Chinese medicine explains that people have different genders, old and young, and the body has the distinction between cold and heat. The principle of TCM health should be: juvenile re-raising, middle-aged re-adjustment, and old-age reassurance.

Juvenile yang is good, small supplement can be; and middle-aged people should be adjusted according to their physical condition. Some of them are very tired recently, their body becomes too big, they need special replacement, and the elderly often suffer from moreFor a chronic disease, you should know more about protection.

The temperature changes greatly before and after the winter season, the elderly should pay attention to the local warmth, and do some soft exercises, such as practicing Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin and other health exercises, which all reflect the concept of “old age reinsurance”.

Recommended: black sesame red dates porridge after the winter is colder, it is recommended to drink bowl of black sesame red dates porridge, can quickly warm the body, suitable for all ages.

Practice: Wash the rice, wash the red dates and remove the kernels, and remove the black sesame seeds into the impurities. After the cold water is boiled, put the rice (rice, water = 1:7); after boiling with the fire, add the red jujube meat, black sesame seeds, and turn to smallThe fire is slowly boiled for 30 minutes.

The third sentence is tonic in the south, warming in the north, and filling the plateau!

Tonic also pay attention to the division of the area.

The country is vast, and the climate varies greatly from north to south. Although it is winter season, people in the north have seen the snow, wearing thick cotton jackets, and the small partners in the south are wearing single-layer jackets.

In fact, there is also a regional principle in the establishment of the winter winter in the Chinese medicine: the southern Qing Dynasty, the northern warming, the plateau run-up.

The winter weather in the northern region is cold, and it is suitable for large and hot items such as cattle and lamb.

Although the area south of the Yangtze River has entered the winter, the temperature is warmer than that of the northern part. The tonic should be based on the taste of sweet and warm, such as chicken, duck and fish.

In the plateau mountainous areas, where the rainfall is reduced and the climate is biased towards dryness, the fruits and vegetables, fungus, and pears of Ganrunshengjin should be used. Trying to make a rock sugar stew is a good occupation.

Eating grapefruit in winter helps women to keep fit

Eating grapefruit in winter helps women to keep fit

Introduction: Winter is a great time to eat grapefruit. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit has a sweet and sour taste, coldness, qi and phlegm, lungs and intestines, blood and spleen. It is a good fruit for nourishing the lungs and relieving cough after a cold.

  There are also contraindications to eating grapefruit. Grapefruit cannot be eaten with certain drugs. Hyperlipidemia patients are particularly concerned. If they are not careful, patients are prone to poisoning, muscle pain, and even hypertension.

  Grapefruit has a high nutritional value, and it is very rich in protein, organic acids, and essential elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium, which are incomparable to other fruits.

Pomelo meat also contains vitamin C and insulin-like ingredients, which have effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, weight loss, skin beauty and so on.

Consumption often, it has adjuvant treatment effect on hypertension, diabetes, vascular sclerosis and other diseases, and it has health and beauty function for obese people.

In addition, grapefruit contains a physiologically active substance skin compound, which can reduce blood viscosity and reduce the formation of blood clots, so it has a better preventive effect on cerebrovascular diseases.

  For people who often have colds, coughs, and sensitive trachea, you can use fresh grapefruit to remove the skin, meat, and peking apricots, mother-of-pearl, 50 grams each of so-called bleached snow fungus (or yellow ear), and add 1000 to 1500 grams of honey.Stewed in low heat for five or six hours, sealed and stored daily. It can strengthen the lungs.

  Tips for the purchase of grapefruit: generally, smell, and two switches.

Smell, that is, smell the aroma, the sleeves are ripe, and the aroma is strong; 叩, that is, slap on the skin of the fruit, whether the skin has sags, and the quality of the sag is not good.

The best choice for grapefruit is the standard type with wide top and bottom. The skin must be thin and smooth, and the color should be light green or yellow.

The grapefruit just bought should be kept indoors for about two weeks, so that the fruit water gradually evaporates, the sweetness increases, and the taste is more beautiful.