Taboos of Chinese folk health care


Chinese folk health care room taboos

There are many taboos about sexual life and sexual behavior between legal couples, and most of them are for health reasons.

It is thought that excessive sexual desire will damage the body.

As mentioned earlier, people’s understanding of semen is very mysterious. They think that it contains some kind of essence, Yuanshen, a drop of semen, 10,000 drops of blood, and semen is more precious than blood.God lives forever.

  As the saying goes, “color is a steel knife for bone scraping”, “greedy, less than thirty” means this.

The age of the sexual intercourse is also related to the strength of the physique. The Taiwanese saying “to be shocked to death, not to be shocked to death” is to say that you only meet once a night when you are afraid of death, and seven times a night when you are not afraid of death.
No one is afraid of death, so excessive sex between men and women has become a taboo.

  There is also a saying “two more, three, four counts, five burning incense, and six new years”, which means that it is easier to intersect once at the age of 20; once every night at the age of 30; fourAt the age of ten, you will have to spend money every five nights, like a few hundred and fifteen dollars. When you are fifty, you will have to burn incense every half a month like the first day and fifteen.That way, you can only meet once a year.

These proverbs that encourage abstinence have certain health and fitness reasons.

  In the private sector, it does serve as a warning against excessive sexual desire. Until today, there are still many people in the society who have strong professional ambitions and desire to achieve success.

Even abstinence, abstinence can directly affect the existence of superstitions of money, food, and material growth. It is commonly thought that forbidden intercourse can save income, and therefore affect other objects, and have similar effects.

  Such exhortations are also found in the Su Ning Jing.

The words said: “Twenty people in one year bleed on the fourth day; thirty people in the year, one bleed on the eighth day; forty years old, on the 16th one bleed;Ten of them, complete, do not regurgitate.

If the physical strength is strong, it will leak in January.

Mortal strength is stronger than others, and cannot be restrained.

For a long time, not to bleed, to gangrene.

If you are over sixty years old, and you are not allowed to transfer them for several decades, those who are equal in content can be closed and not leaked.

Why Chinese ginseng was tragically suffered by Waterloo

Why Chinese ginseng was tragically suffered by Waterloo

Ginseng has always been regarded as the best medicine, and has the reputation of “King of Herbs”.

For a long time, ginseng from developing countries has dominated the international market.

However, in the past 20 years, Korean Korean ginseng has frequently challenged domestic ginseng, shaking its “leader” substitution in the international market.

As the “one of the three treasures” in the northeast of Jilin, Jilin ginseng sells as cheap as radish, and fresh garden ginseng costs around 20 yuan per unit, while the price of similar products in South Korea is more than 300 yuan per unit, which is up to 15 times.

Although the above countries have the geographical advantage of ginseng, ginseng crops account for nearly half of the world’s production. The ginseng crops in Jilin Province alone are three times higher than in South Korea, but the output value is less than one-sixth of South Korea.

  Why is it difficult for Chinese ginseng to rival Korean ginseng?

  ★ Extensive production model The domestic artificially grown ginseng has a history of hundreds of years. In some areas of the Northeast, ginseng has become the main economic source of local ginseng farmers.

A large number of ginseng is planted in participating farmers, and the ginseng market appears to be producing blindly.

In 1984, the national ginseng crop output reached 2,500 tons, a thousand tons more than in 1981; in 1989, it reached 5,500 tons, more than double that in 1984; in 1990, the national ginseng crop reached a peak of 6,000 tons.

Such a high ginseng crop greatly exceeded the demand of the global market at that time by 4,000 tons.

Therefore, the price of ginseng, which is worthy of gold, has plummeted, and the cheap sale is equivalent to radish.

  Starting in 1995, the ginseng crop fell for a time, and the bidding and tendering management implemented at that time raised the export market price.

Because the market was optimistic for a while, the output of ginseng picked up again, which led to a sharp drop in export prices again in 1999 and 2000.

According to statistics, the national ginseng export earned 1598 in 2000.

50,000 US dollars, the price per kilogram is only about 7 US dollars, while Korean Korean ginseng in the Hong Kong market is 168 US dollars per kilogram, far ahead of the export price of Jilin ginseng.

  ★ The oversupply for the war by enterprises is the main reason why ginseng is not sold at a price.

“Monks have less porridge,” and “unfinished” ginseng naturally lowers their worth, otherwise a large backlog will inevitably cause losses.

  In the place of production, participating farmers are bitter.

Because the purchase price of fresh ginseng is only about 10 yuan a pound, it is difficult to even protect the capital.

At the same time, driven by economic interests, ginseng companies in Jilin’s main ginseng producing areas are fighting each other severely, resulting in a general decline in the price of ginseng in Jilin.

Korean Korean ginseng has always adopted a strict and exclusive management method, so it can create good brands and maintain good prices in the international market.

  ★ Cultivation management lags behind ginseng cultivation, with individual farmers as the main body, and has continued to use the ginseng cultivation model, which has become a major obstacle to restricting the development of high-yield, high-quality, and efficient ginseng industry.

Except for the individual participating fields, the direct broadcast system and the 2: 3 transplant system are used, and most of the participants have been using the 3: 3 transplant system and 2: 2: 2 transplant system.

These two cultivation systems are advanced with foreign ones: 1: 5 transplanting and direct seeding checks and balances. In addition to wasting manpower, material resources and land resources, they also have the disadvantages of heavy disease, long cultivation period, and low biological yield.

  At the same time, ginseng cultivation in developing countries has not yet fully promoted GAP (“Good Manufacturing Practice for Chinese Medicinal Materials”), and quality is difficult to guarantee. When exporting, it is often returned because pesticide residues and heavy metals fail to meet international requirements.The development of international markets is subject to competition.

  ★ The level of industrialization is not high. In terms of human participation, the factory is small and scattered. Once a large number of customers request goods in large quantities, they have to buy ginseng from several or even several processing plants, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

In order to maintain their reputation, some merchants had to go to Korea to buy Korean ginseng with high prices but guaranteed quality.

  ★ Lack of deep-processed products At present, it has been in the upstream of the industrial chain in the world ginseng product supply chain, and mainly supplies raw materials, so it cannot sell at a good price.

In terms of ginseng deep processing, the single product, especially the functional health foods, is far from enough.

Except for a few varieties such as ginseng royal jelly, the market development of other ginseng beverages and foods is basically blank, which is equivalent to giving the market initiative to South Korea.

  After realizing the development of domestic ginseng, some people believe that if international ginseng is to compete with South Korea in the international market, it must inject vitality in management, management, cultivation, and scientific research.

  ★ It is necessary to break through the local protectionist constraints, especially in foreign trade. If necessary, a price alliance can be established to coordinate the price issues between members within the alliance, so that domestic ginseng can compete with foreign ginseng in terms of price and achieve high quality and good prices.Avoid the phenomenon of inverted production and price.

  ★ Management methods should be strengthened. To enable Jilin to participate in international market competition and gain market share, the key lies in the solid introduction of GAP management. During the planting process, strictly control pesticide use to prevent pesticide residues and heavy metals from exceeding standards.

In terms of cultivation, we cannot stick to the traditional cultivation mode. We should refer to advanced foreign methods to reduce costs, save resources, and improve product quality.

  ★ Research departments should be strengthened. The relevant departments should organize and formulate national and unified standards for the participation of workers in craftsmanship, and radically change the individual, collective, and state-owned staffing grounds of small workshop-style processing methods.

Participating industrial enterprises should improve their process technology and realize modernization, mechanization, automation and scientificization of participating labor.

Relevant departments should start from the perspective of both food safety and market development, formulate highly manageable management methods, encourage research and development of ginseng food and health products, and cultivate brand-name ginseng products based on innovation in technology, technology, and dosage forms.

  ★ The macro-scale speed control of ginseng production scale should be increased to guide the intensive operation of enterprises.From the starting point, import and export tariffs are tilted towards the ginseng industry to protect the healthy development of the domestic ginseng industry and strengthen quality management and standard construction.

Cultivate famous export brands, promote the qualification management of export enterprises, and let Chinese ginseng sing international “big drama”.

Yoga: Balanced and Harmonious Exercise

Yoga: Balanced and Harmonious Exercise

The Basic Spirit of Yoga Yoga is both a physical practice for Indians and a philosophy that represents their spiritual world.

Natural Yoga contains the spirit of Indians’ natural and balanced pursuit of health, happiness, and beauty in their lives.

  In fact, you can feel this spirit more or less only from these two words.

Yoga, as a Sanskrit language in India, means “corresponding”.

The so-called corresponding means that things of different natures are balanced with each other and the boots are balanced and unified.

There are countless examples of such confrontation in the world.

Cool and hot, bright and dark, gentle and stiff, life and death, presence and absence, etc.

“When the opposites of humankind reach equilibrium, it will lead to a life full of health and vitality.

“This is the most fundamental spirit in natural yoga.

  The wisdom of natural yoga life is that everyone wants to regulate their own lives, and also hopes that life can develop in a better direction.

However, we all know that there is no definite law of life.

Actually, what should be pursued in life, and what should be done to make life happier, I am afraid no one can say clearly.

Therefore, many people are struggling and distressing to improve their lives and overcome the problems in their lives.

At the same time, tens of thousands of opportunity costs are spent.

  Natural yoga is a philosophy that pursues a happy life and a science that respects life.

The word natural yoga has a broad meaning, but the most basic and core meaning it contains is harmony and balance.

It can be seen that natural yoga contains the principle of “maintaining balance is the source of life and nature, and to feel happy after pursuing balance in life”.

Natural yoga theory states that if people lose balance, they will be surrounded by loneliness.

These are the spirits of natural yoga.

  With the refinement of social division of labor, people’s role in social life has become more and more specific.

As a result, human beings have gradually lost their balance, and their knowledge and activities have occasionally become biased.

  The mental and physical restlessness caused by life stress will reflect physical and psychological symptoms such as fatigue, stress, aversion, hatred, anger, and escape.

Aggravating these symptoms can cause pain.

Often, only when people feel pain, will they be fully balanced, and will they try to eliminate the imbalance of the body.

  When you have the love of life, it is very happy.

However, once your state of mind is out of balance and turns into a kind of “paranoia,” it will become a killer that harms the entire life.

Imagine that if the mind without any form loses its balance, it will be so harmful. What about the loss of balance for our bodies with obvious left-right symmetry?

Obviously, if the body is out of balance, it will immediately cause disease.

  In general, natural yoga can achieve a balanced posture, natural yoga breathing can improve the unsmooth breathing system, and natural yoga diet therapy can eliminate partial eclipse.

What’s more, natural yoga meditation can eliminate prejudice caused by fractured knowledge and help you find peace of mind.

Recently, many countries, including the United States, have seen the limitations of Western medicine, and paid great attention to oriental medicine, especially to alternative medicine.

Active research is also being done in this area.

It can be seen that the role of yoga in modern society is more and more obvious.

  Disorders can cause illness. When you have the love of life, it is very happy.

However, once your state of mind is out of balance and turns into a kind of “paranoia,” it will become a killer that harms the entire life.
Imagine that if the mind without any form loses its balance, it will be so harmful. What about the loss of balance for our bodies whose left-right symmetry is very obvious?
Obviously, if the body is out of balance, it will immediately cause disease.
  We often come across many of these patients in our lives: there is nothing wrong with checking in the hospital, but we always feel that the body hurts here or there, and we have no energy. Some people feel sore and uncomfortable after sitting up for a long time.Some people feel sore each time they stand; some people feel pain in the waist like a hammer if they sit for a long time.In fact, these symptoms are caused by the body’s imbalance.

Let’s perform a simple analysis.

If the body loses its balance and tilts to one side, the organs of the body will also become heavier.

In this way, the functions of the body cannot properly perform their functions.

Therefore, once the body’s own function is blocked, a breakthrough accident will definitely occur.

In addition, if you want to move your body leaning to the opposite side, it will consume a lot of energy than those who are in balance.

As a result, people who are out of balance will be more prone to fatigue, and their physical strength will be relatively weak.

Moreover, this unhealthy body will threaten mental health.

Imbalances in the human body can easily occur.

If we despise this, the result can be a loss of the balance of life.

  Many people attribute the fatigue and pain caused by physical imbalance to work, or rely on their health for their doctors. This is actually very wrong and meaningless.

Because the body’s imbalance is only known to you, everyone should have the responsibility to manage and regulate their own body.

  What is the replacement of “natural yoga therapy”? Western medicine relies on medicine and surgery for the treatment of diseases.

Oriental Medicine believes that the living body is a fluid body, so it is advocated that different methods can be used for treatment according to different alternatives.

  Natural yoga even fully considers the body and the spirit and even life, and performs holistic, staged, and comprehensive treatment of the disease.

Natural yoga is the most natural remedy for correcting physical and psychological imbalances, and at the same time people’s physical recovery.

The “natural yoga therapy” mentioned here also means “the yoga that heals people”.

  The purpose of natural yoga practice is to correct the imbalance of the body and the living habits that cause this imbalance, so that people can reach a state of self-management and regulation.

In addition, the psychological disorder caused by various internal and external environments is calmed down and a healthy physiology is created.

All postures of natural yoga are to maintain the balance of the body and correct the uneven parts of the body according to the actual situation.

Moreover, in the practice of each movement, there is a corresponding breathing method and meditation, which enable the body and the mind to achieve full harmony together.

Therefore, you should work hard to exercise, breathe, and meditate to achieve the Trinity effect when practicing natural yoga.

  The effect of yoga balance When the body’s muscles are stiff or joint pain, this is the most direct feedback signal that the body loses balance.

Therefore, enough awareness should be given to such a response. This kind of pain signifies the body language of “now your body is gradually losing balance” and “please treat quickly before some problems occur.”

  However, many people think that such symptoms are normal, or that the pain is only temporary, and take this phenomenon as a habit.

If you seize the balance, you can prevent these constant and rapidly disappearing signals.

  Once you have captured these signals, then you should turn your attention to natural yoga.

Natural yoga is an exercise that uses all the muscles and joints of the body.

Natural yoga movements are exercises that move the body in the opposite direction of the usual habitual movement direction, so that those muscles and joints that are usually difficult to obtain and exercise can become flexible and stretched.