6 tips for exercising children’s memory

6 tips for exercising children’s “memory”

Memory is the treasure house of knowledge. With memory, intelligence can continue to develop and knowledge can continue to accumulate.
Here are a few games that will help your child’s memory.
Speak the names in order and arrange the 6 things on the table in order. Let the child look at them for dozens of seconds, then cover up and ask the child to say the names of the 6 things in order from memory.
Identify the color and let the child close his eyes and tell what color your coat, socks and socks are.
If you also close your eyes and say that the color of the clothes, shoes, and socks he is wearing will cause your child to be more interested in this game.
Find the items After hiding 8 different small items in front of the child, ask the child to find them one by one.
Look at the picture Put 15 pictures with different contents on the table, ask the child to watch for a while, and then cover it.
Ask the child to describe the content of the picture as accurately as possible.
“Plane Landing” attached a large piece of paper to the wall as a map and drew a large area on the paper as an “airport.”
Make another “airplane” with paper, write the child’s name, and press a pushpin on it.
Have the child stand a few or ten steps away from the map, ask him to observe the terrain first, then blindfold him, let him approach the map, and land the “airplane” on the “airport”.
The window display game is suitable for playing with children.
When passing by the shop window, let the child take a closer look at what is displayed in the window.
After leaving, ask the child to say what he just saw.

Think of the problem from the other side

Think of the problem from the other side

One day in the 1930s, Jenny, a salesman in a jewellery store in London, England, accidentally rolled a valuable pearl to the ground while receiving customers.

At that time, people had many hands, and when the beads rolled to the feet of a young man, they were never found again.

Jenny must retrieve the bead, otherwise she will not only be “fired”, but also hard to compensate for life.

  No one could appreciate Jenny’s mood at the time.

With her eyes, Jenny concluded that the young man pretending to be innocent was mostly an unemployed.

This means that the pearl pearl changed his next life, which definitely increased the difficulty for Jennifer to return to the pearl.

Jenny came to him with tears in her eyes and whispered, “Sir, isn’t it easy to find a job in such a difficult time?

This is my third day at work!

“The young man froze.

Careful Jenny looked in her eyes, and she repeated the words twice.

Finally, the young man pulled his hands behind his back and held her tightly. When he turned and ran out of the door quickly, Jenny saw the pearl in her hand.

  Jenny’s meaning is obvious, “Please return me that bead”.

But if she said that, it would be an announcement of youth injustice, which could easily lead to unexpected extreme events and even unthinkable consequences.

At this time, Jenny chose to stand for others’ sympathy to achieve the goal smoothly, and save herself while saving others.

  A philosopher once said: Marriage does not win without you, but wins or loses.

It’s not just marriage, it’s equally valid in other aspects of life.

The lesson for many losers is to play their own calculations blindly, and not let them go, which results in both losses.

To achieve a win-win situation, the method is actually very simple, that is, to think from the standpoint of others.

This is a kind of reverse thinking. You need to have a good vision, courage and generosity, and you must be prepared to deny yourself.

  Many times, if we adjust our mentality in time and think about the problem from the other side, we will become passive and take the initiative to quickly gain understanding and approval.

Practice has proved that: for those who are good at “putting peaches”, reality always expects him to “report Li”, thus turning decay into magic.

In this autumn, the five-colored food is the most tonic

In this autumn, the five-colored food is the most tonic

Nowadays, it is in the season of alternating cold and warm. It is the best period for health and tonic. However, for patients with coronary heart disease, you must not supplement blindly. You must arrange your diet scientifically and reasonably, and pay attention to the “five-color” diet to prevent acute attacks of coronary heart disease.

  Red: You can drink a small amount of red wine every day, but not overdose to 50?
100 ml is appropriate.

It can also properly add red meat such as lean pork and beef, and eat more apples and watermelons.

Fiber in apples can reduce the content of low-density lipoprotein. Eating one a day can promote the excretion of bile acids.

Watermelon contains a large amount of amino acids, glucose, etc., eat once every 3 days (one time not more than 80 grams), can help control blood pressure.

  Yellow: mainly refers to yellow vegetables.

Such as carrots, sweet potatoes, light tomatoes.

These yellow vegetables replace carotene and help reduce arteriosclerosis.

Using carrots to make all kinds of gradients has the functions of lowering blood pressure, strengthening heart and lowering blood sugar.

Also eat soy, soybeans and other legumes.

  Black: contains a lot of vitamins, which has a good effect on reducing blood viscosity and blood cholesterol.

Also eat more shiitake mushrooms, no more than 50 grams per day, has the effect of lowering cholesterol, it is best to stew with chicken, pork and other meat.

  White: such as oat flour, oatmeal, can effectively reduce triglycerides and cholesterol.

Drink more milk, because milk contains a lot of protein, calcium, iron and other substances that the human body needs, which can inhibit the content of cholesterol and help prevent further development of coronary heart disease.

  Green: Refers to green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, leek, celery, etc.

These vegetables are rich in vitamins and cellulose, which can reduce the body’s absorption of plasma.

In particular, celery has antihypertensive and soothing effects on patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Pay attention to less salt when cooking, and control the daily salt intake at 3?
5 grams.

Pick soap, light color and light taste

Pick soap, light color and light taste

Nowadays, all kinds of soap appear in people’s field of vision, and in a variety of products, brightly colored soaps are ready to be favored.

But experts suggest that soaps are best to choose a lighter color and taste.

  He Zhixin, an associate professor of dermatology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that under normal circumstances, many soaps with bright colors and strong flavors have added some pigments and spices to varying degrees, or have a large alkali content. If the skin is more sensitive, useAfter these soaps, it is likely to cause some adverse irritation to the skin or respiratory tract.

The alkaline component is too heavy. For a long period of use, the sebum on the skin surface will be reduced, making the skin dry, peeling, etc. At the same time, the slightly acidic environment in the skin will also be damaged, which will damage the skin health.

The soap with a light taste and inconspicuous color generally has weak alkaline and weak irritation in the places where the pigments and spices are broken, so the damage to the skin is relatively small.

  Some functional soaps currently on the market are also available, and some soaps can have certain special effects, such as medicinal soaps that remove acne, soaps that have antipruritic effects, and so on.

But there are also some functional soaps that are not so magical.

He Zhixin reminded that you should choose soap based on your skin characteristics. The color is light, the surface is full and round, and it is not easy to shrink and crack after storage. The smell is best.

In addition, you must carefully check the manufacturer, logo and product implementation standards, functions, and production dates on the product packaging.

Be sure to choose a recent product. The moisture will be lost if the date is prolonged, which will affect the effect of the soap.

  When using soap, pay attention to observation. Good quality soap can produce delicate, tight and stable foam, and the body feels refreshed after use.

If the skin feels dry and tight after washing, it is better to use another one.

Yoga: Balanced and Harmonious Exercise

Yoga: Balanced and Harmonious Exercise

The Basic Spirit of Yoga Yoga is both a physical practice for Indians and a philosophy that represents their spiritual world.

Natural Yoga contains the spirit of Indians’ natural and balanced pursuit of health, happiness, and beauty in their lives.

  In fact, you can feel this spirit more or less only from these two words.

Yoga, as a Sanskrit language in India, means “corresponding”.

The so-called corresponding means that things of different natures are balanced with each other and the boots are balanced and unified.

There are countless examples of such confrontation in the world.

Cool and hot, bright and dark, gentle and stiff, life and death, presence and absence, etc.

“When the opposites of humankind reach equilibrium, it will lead to a life full of health and vitality.

“This is the most fundamental spirit in natural yoga.

  The wisdom of natural yoga life is that everyone wants to regulate their own lives, and also hopes that life can develop in a better direction.

However, we all know that there is no definite law of life.

Actually, what should be pursued in life, and what should be done to make life happier, I am afraid no one can say clearly.

Therefore, many people are struggling and distressing to improve their lives and overcome the problems in their lives.

At the same time, tens of thousands of opportunity costs are spent.

  Natural yoga is a philosophy that pursues a happy life and a science that respects life.

The word natural yoga has a broad meaning, but the most basic and core meaning it contains is harmony and balance.

It can be seen that natural yoga contains the principle of “maintaining balance is the source of life and nature, and to feel happy after pursuing balance in life”.

Natural yoga theory states that if people lose balance, they will be surrounded by loneliness.

These are the spirits of natural yoga.

  With the refinement of social division of labor, people’s role in social life has become more and more specific.

As a result, human beings have gradually lost their balance, and their knowledge and activities have occasionally become biased.

  The mental and physical restlessness caused by life stress will reflect physical and psychological symptoms such as fatigue, stress, aversion, hatred, anger, and escape.

Aggravating these symptoms can cause pain.

Often, only when people feel pain, will they be fully balanced, and will they try to eliminate the imbalance of the body.

  When you have the love of life, it is very happy.

However, once your state of mind is out of balance and turns into a kind of “paranoia,” it will become a killer that harms the entire life.

Imagine that if the mind without any form loses its balance, it will be so harmful. What about the loss of balance for our bodies with obvious left-right symmetry?

Obviously, if the body is out of balance, it will immediately cause disease.

  In general, natural yoga can achieve a balanced posture, natural yoga breathing can improve the unsmooth breathing system, and natural yoga diet therapy can eliminate partial eclipse.

What’s more, natural yoga meditation can eliminate prejudice caused by fractured knowledge and help you find peace of mind.

Recently, many countries, including the United States, have seen the limitations of Western medicine, and paid great attention to oriental medicine, especially to alternative medicine.

Active research is also being done in this area.

It can be seen that the role of yoga in modern society is more and more obvious.

  Disorders can cause illness. When you have the love of life, it is very happy.

However, once your state of mind is out of balance and turns into a kind of “paranoia,” it will become a killer that harms the entire life.
Imagine that if the mind without any form loses its balance, it will be so harmful. What about the loss of balance for our bodies whose left-right symmetry is very obvious?
Obviously, if the body is out of balance, it will immediately cause disease.
  We often come across many of these patients in our lives: there is nothing wrong with checking in the hospital, but we always feel that the body hurts here or there, and we have no energy. Some people feel sore and uncomfortable after sitting up for a long time.Some people feel sore each time they stand; some people feel pain in the waist like a hammer if they sit for a long time.In fact, these symptoms are caused by the body’s imbalance.

Let’s perform a simple analysis.

If the body loses its balance and tilts to one side, the organs of the body will also become heavier.

In this way, the functions of the body cannot properly perform their functions.

Therefore, once the body’s own function is blocked, a breakthrough accident will definitely occur.

In addition, if you want to move your body leaning to the opposite side, it will consume a lot of energy than those who are in balance.

As a result, people who are out of balance will be more prone to fatigue, and their physical strength will be relatively weak.

Moreover, this unhealthy body will threaten mental health.

Imbalances in the human body can easily occur.

If we despise this, the result can be a loss of the balance of life.

  Many people attribute the fatigue and pain caused by physical imbalance to work, or rely on their health for their doctors. This is actually very wrong and meaningless.

Because the body’s imbalance is only known to you, everyone should have the responsibility to manage and regulate their own body.

  What is the replacement of “natural yoga therapy”? Western medicine relies on medicine and surgery for the treatment of diseases.

Oriental Medicine believes that the living body is a fluid body, so it is advocated that different methods can be used for treatment according to different alternatives.

  Natural yoga even fully considers the body and the spirit and even life, and performs holistic, staged, and comprehensive treatment of the disease.

Natural yoga is the most natural remedy for correcting physical and psychological imbalances, and at the same time people’s physical recovery.

The “natural yoga therapy” mentioned here also means “the yoga that heals people”.

  The purpose of natural yoga practice is to correct the imbalance of the body and the living habits that cause this imbalance, so that people can reach a state of self-management and regulation.

In addition, the psychological disorder caused by various internal and external environments is calmed down and a healthy physiology is created.

All postures of natural yoga are to maintain the balance of the body and correct the uneven parts of the body according to the actual situation.

Moreover, in the practice of each movement, there is a corresponding breathing method and meditation, which enable the body and the mind to achieve full harmony together.

Therefore, you should work hard to exercise, breathe, and meditate to achieve the Trinity effect when practicing natural yoga.

  The effect of yoga balance When the body’s muscles are stiff or joint pain, this is the most direct feedback signal that the body loses balance.

Therefore, enough awareness should be given to such a response. This kind of pain signifies the body language of “now your body is gradually losing balance” and “please treat quickly before some problems occur.”

  However, many people think that such symptoms are normal, or that the pain is only temporary, and take this phenomenon as a habit.

If you seize the balance, you can prevent these constant and rapidly disappearing signals.

  Once you have captured these signals, then you should turn your attention to natural yoga.

Natural yoga is an exercise that uses all the muscles and joints of the body.

Natural yoga movements are exercises that move the body in the opposite direction of the usual habitual movement direction, so that those muscles and joints that are usually difficult to obtain and exercise can become flexible and stretched.

Detoxification and beauty: papaya white fungus with white fungus and peanuts

Detoxification and beauty: papaya white fungus with white fungus and peanuts

Papaya is called “Mongshou fruit” in Dongguan folk, and papaya soup must be on the family’s birthday feast.

The soup made with papaya is really moist and delicious, prolongs the life and improves the beauty.

Today is the weekend of early summer.

  Tremella is white fungus, which is flat and sweet, light, can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the stomach and promote fluids, nourish qi and brain, and rejuvenate the skin.

White sturgeon should be selected into the soup, the smell is particularly clean; peanuts in the soup can especially supplement the qi, use the four together, strengthen the body, detoxify and beauty, and is suitable for men and women.

  Materials: 500 grams of papaya (semi-cooked), 40 grams of white fungus, 80 grams of peanuts, 1 white mullet, 150 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Wash the papaya, peel and remove the seeds and cut into pieces; immerse the white fungus and tear the pedicles into small pieces; soak the peanuts and wash; wash the white sturgeon, fry until slightly yellow, splash in clear water; wash the lean meatnet.

Put them into a clay pot together, add 2500 ml (10 bowls) of water, and then boil the fire for 1 hour. Put the salt on it and use it for 3-4 people.

Unspoken Rules of Urban White Collar Survival

“Unspoken Rules” of Urban White Collar Survival

Friends in the workplace need to be nurtured. 1. Friends invite you to dinner, don’t take it for granted, please give etiquette, or your reputation will become more and more foul.
  2. Set goals for yourself, one year, two years, five years. Maybe you were born better than others. Through hard work, you can often change 70% of your destiny.
Broken jars can only be friends with cowardice.
  3. This is a realistic society. Feelings (emotional blog, let’s talk about feelings) ca n’t be eaten. Poor couples are sad.
Don’t believe in movies, it’s just a place for many strangers to roar about their emotions (emotion blogs, let’s talk about emotions).
  4. Among the good friends, you must cultivate a confidant. Don’t think that you are so exquisite. There are friends everywhere. In the end, there is only one who truly treats you. Believe me.
  5. Don’t believe in astrology and numerology, that is to coax the children, and fate is in their own hands.
Do you want to wait for a house or a car?
People who do n’t like it rarely contact, but do n’t talk bad things behind the back. People who say right and wrong must be right and wrong. Remember, misfortune comes out of the mouth.
  7, play less games, this is not South Korea, you can not hit the house car and women.
  8. Learn English well. Those who say that learning English is useless can ignore it for the time being. They are either older or they have passed CET6 earlier to prepare for TOEFL.
You don’t need to get a certificate, but you must learn it well.
  9, know what you want to do, quiet at night, ask yourself, future plans, and go in that direction.
  10. Occasionally flip through fashion magazines to improve your taste.
  11, a glass of water every morning to prevent gall strong.
Do not drink water an hour before going to bed, otherwise bags under the eyes may appear prematurely.
  12. Don’t spend all of your time in the BAR, read some literature, learn some business processes, management standards, international current affairs, and legal knowledge.
This will ensure that you have the right to talk at any party.
  13. Everyone is young and has little money. Don’t worry too much about who wears AD, NIKE, or others.
And GF’s love for PRADA, Lancome, CD, LV, you don’t have to be on your mind. Women are born with beauty, they just prefer to believe that you can buy them as expensive gifts to satisfy their vanity,Then show it off in front of your peers.
In fact, they also love life, and when you have the ability to complete, you will feel very happy to pack her beautifully.
  14. To do one thing, there is no need to tell others before you succeed.
  15, hair, nails, beard, take good care of.
Society is a receptive recipient. The artists needed on this planet are extremely limited. Please don’t take the risk. Even if you have long hair, it should be as clean as possible.
  16. Don’t think you are a man, you don’t need maintenance.
At least the diet should not be too casual, eat more tomatoes, seafood, leek, bananas, all of which are good for men’s health.
If you don’t see value, I can tell you.
At least you can buy a few more DIOR for your woman with the money saved from seeing a doctor.
  17. People who strive to be motivated should not always think about who they depend on. People are selfish, and they are the most reliable ones.
  18. In the face of failure, don’t be too concerned about it. The sky will fall to the people of Sri Lanka. You must first suffer from their minds, strain their bones, and hungry their skin .
But learn to blame yourself, find out why, and get rid of bad habits.
Twenty-year-olds have no money, that’s normal. Thirty-year-olds have no money, that’s fate.

Pajamas can also affect sleep quality

Pajamas can also affect sleep quality

A comfortable nightwear can improve our sleep quality. On the contrary, uncomfortable nightwear may cause insomnia.

In addition, pajamas are also in direct contact with our skin, so it must be a bit sloppy.

Therefore, Japanese sleep therapist Mihashi Miwa introduced a few “unqualified” pajamas to teach you to avoid sleep “traps.”

  Pajamas with elastic bands at the waist.

  This pajamas can easily draw red marks on the waist, affect the blood circulation of the body, make the legs swollen, and even numb.

When buying pajamas, you can choose a waist-type tie, especially for people with a fat waist and abdomen, but also to ensure that the waist is loose.

When sleeping, fasten the waistband slightly so that the waist can turn freely.

  Red or yellow pajamas.

  Bright red, orange, and yellow can cause tension and excitement, which is not conducive to falling asleep.

In addition, some dark-colored pajamas may add more chemicals when they are dyed, which is not good for the skin and may even cause cancer.

It is recommended to choose a light and relaxing color, such as pink, green, beige, etc.


  This pajamas can affect the turning movements when sleeping, some corners of clothes are pressed underneath, or clothes are all piled up at the bottom, etc. At the same time, it affects breathing, damages bone health, and may cause you to catch cold.

It is best to choose split-type pajamas that are comfortable to wear and easy to move.

  Hooded pajamas.

  When sleeping, pressing the hat under the body will “cup up” initialization, causing soreness, falling pillows and other discomforts, affecting the quality of sleep.

In addition, the resulting stress will lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and light sleep.

The collar of the pajamas should be loose enough. Try to choose a flat round neck or “U” collar.

  Thick-knit pajamas.

  This type of pajamas is thick in texture and has hard edges and corners at the seams, which can irritate the skin and cause light sleep.

It’s best to choose cotton or silk pajamas that feel smooth, soft, and comfortable with fine stitches.


  Skinny pajamas look stylish, sexy and popular with young women.

However, this type of pajamas will be close to the body, which is not conducive to skin perspiration and temperature regulation. It will affect blood circulation and make people have nightmares.

Therefore, choose easy-to-wear and loose enough pajamas.

  A little thick pajamas.

  Some pajamas are thick and fluffy and look very warm, but they will increase the friction with the bed and quilt, which will prevent the body from turning freely, hinder muscle relaxation and adjust the sleeping position.Use of home service.

Pajamas do not need to be thick, light, thin, and soft to be good.

  Pyjamas made of synthetic fabrics.

  Chemical fibers and wool fabrics are prone to static electricity, which can cause irritation by directly contacting the skin and skin, resulting in decreased immunity and nervous disorders.

At the same time, they do not absorb sweat, which is not conducive to temperature regulation during sleep.

The best choice is cotton pajamas, which are soft, breathable, and hygroscopic, and can absorb sweat on the skin well.

Cotton clothing has little irritation to the skin and does not cause allergies and itching.

Sleeping on the soles of the wind

Sleeping on the soles of the wind

The summer is hot, many people are eager to cool, and they like to open the window to sleep at night, especially like to have their feet towards the window, so that their feet are bathed in the cool breeze at night, feeling cool and comfortable.

As everyone knows, sleeping on the soles of the feet in the wind is harmless to the body.

  Absolutely, although the area of the soles of human feet accounts for only 3% of the total area of the human body.

5%, but the soles of the foot have many important nerves, acupoints and meridians of the human body, and the soles of the feet are quite sensitive to external stimuli. According to the theory of neural reflexes, circulation theory, meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, bio-holographic theory, all internal organsThere are corresponding reflections on the soles of the feet.

At night, when the human body is in a deep sleep state, all organs of the body are in a relaxed and natural state, and their feet with poor cold protection are easily susceptible to cold and moisture invasion and stimulation, which directly leads to the meridian system.In a state of distortion and confusion, the body’s immune function will decline, causing some displacement of the body, colds, and colds will alternate.

  Therefore, we are advised not to cause serious damage to the body because of the desire to cool the foot.

In addition, if you have time, you can do some health massages on the soles of the feet, which can evacuate the liver and strengthen the spleen, clear away heat and dampness, enhance the function of the soles of the feet and even the whole body against moisture and moisture, and ensure the health of the body.

Workplace and the life you want

Workplace and the life you want

Recently, there is a rumor on the Internet that there are three things in the world.

One is my own business, one is not at work, I am not changing my job, what to eat today, whether I am happy, whether I am getting married, or whether to help others . all those who can decide for themselves belong to this categoryThe second thing is other people’s things, such as: Xiao Zhang is delicious and lazy, Xiao Li’s marriage is unhappy, Xiao Wang is dissatisfied with me at work, and I do n’t thank others for helping others . In short, what others are doing is second.One thing; another thing is God ‘s thing, like whether it ‘s windy, earthquake, or disaster.
Things beyond human ability are under the jurisdiction of God.

People’s troubles come from forgetting their own affairs, caring for others’ affairs, and worrying about God’s affairs.

So to be relaxed and easy is simple: take care of your own affairs, don’t care about other people’s affairs, don’t worry about the Lord’s affairs.

  Maybe many people would say, “I know the truth”, but knowing that doesn’t mean they can do it . For those in the workplace, these three things may be considered, especially the second one.thing.
Because of this, as long as you follow the mood of the workplace, many people will pour out the bitter water accidentally. It seems that inadvertently, depression will always follow, but the degree is different and the duration is different.

  For example, Xiao Xiao, she recently likes to ask herself this question repeatedly: Is this the life she wants?

Xiao Xiao, who works for a well-known international accounting firm, travels to and from work every day. In a small cell of a high-end office building, she has dealt with the boring numbers of how many times she has dealt with all day.Entangled.

Occasionally, the boss canceled her call to the office and dumped her some responsibility to discourage her. From time to time, she would be jealous of a client or a colleague for a project and had nothing to say for days.

When it’s time to get off work, the revival of the bowels is still going crazy, because the work at hand has not been done, or the work is done, but they are worried that they are not good enough, or they will fall on others if they are not careful.Behind.
When the noisy streets gradually returned to An An, Xiao Xiao dragged his tired body back to the empty rented room.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, she is a proud and cool white-collar worker, with a decent job and a fair income, but who knows the loneliness and inferiority in her heart?

Since going to work, overtime has become almost everything in her life, so it is difficult for her to have her own time. Dating and dating are also luxurious things for her.

One day, while looking in the mirror, she stumbled upon a white hair that grew quietly, somehow.

When the white hair was potentially unplugged, Xiao Xiao included it, and he was about to be thirty years old, but the real family did n’t know where it was, and the person who wanted to be with him for a lifetime did n’t know where it was.There was already an unspeakable sadness in the expression of his face.

  Wang Di, who has been a civil servant for three years in a certain ministry, may look more comfortable.

With a decent occupation, the work pressure is usually not great, the income is stable, and the welfare and occupation ratios are insufficient but more than adequate.

However, Wang Di was already tired of such a working state in his heart.

In the past few years, he has nothing to accomplish that he can be proud of, except for the highly similar work reports and manuscripts of leadership posts.

Every day civil servants look laid-back and plain, but they must always be cautious.

The one sentence he and his friends endured the most is “heart strain”, because they are always skeptical: today’s leader saw how I stood up and faced it. Was it wrong yesterday?

The seemingly smooth working principle implies a variety of subtleties and risks that are difficult to cope with and bear. The idea of “whether or not the next section chief is me” is tormenting his unwillingness.

  As an editor of an Internet company, Xiao Yu should say that she cares about her own business, but she is not happy.

In her eyes, she was no different from the workers working on the assembly line.

The hours of work every night are almost spent in front of the computer screen. Her task is to quickly move the mouse and repeat the mechanical actions of copying and pasting.

After graduating from college to do the job of the last web editor, she seemed to fall into a giant net. Although she wanted to try other jobs, she always returned to her old line after a while.Because it’s really hard to make a change.

Now, what Xiaoyu desires most is a job that can give her passion, happiness and challenge, even if the salary is not so good.

  Looking back on the year to come, many people in the workplace are more or less tired of the status quo.

According to reports, a recent survey showed that up to 70% of Shenzheners are dissatisfied with their current jobs and plan to change jobs.

  American business leader, consultant and speaker Chuck?

Martin suggested that when the old year has not completely turned over, people in the workplace can pause a little.

Stop and analyze the surroundings rationally.

Stopping allows you to see the length of the problem calmly and calmly.

Only in this way can the problem show its true colors.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get change without stopping.

Opportunities may be close at hand, but people are often unable to see because of unnecessary busyness, and a short stay may be a great improvement.

Of course, this stop is not a constant state, it can be a minute or a day, as long as we see what we need to see is enough.
  On the coldest day in Beijing since winter, Jiawen quit her job.
This puzzles all friends who know her: the end of the year is the season when professionals are most unlikely to choose to resign, because in this kind of festival, even if there is no more dissatisfaction with the work, people in the workplace must endure the year-end bonus andThe moment a red envelope arrives, resignation is always inevitable for the new year.

In addition, Jia Wen also likes the colleagues around him who have been with each other for three years and share their hardships.

The reason why she chose to resign almost persistently, Jia Wen wanted to make a serious reflection on her career and life at the end of the year. She needed time to relax her nervous tension at work.

Now she reads books at home, practices yoga, and thinks about future career plans.

  Of course, it’s hard to say what Jiawen did wrong or was right.

In the new year, maybe people in the workplace do not have to quit their jobs and complete a big change like Jia Wen.

What we need to do is just make some minor adjustments to find a little more happiness and fulfillment for our lives and work.

In fact, with some minor changes, some conflicts can be completely avoided.

Sometimes a small change can miraculously improve the status quo.

  Perhaps everything can begin with the words “thank you”.

In the new day, learn to express gratitude to the people around us, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised to find that the atmosphere around ourselves has become harmonious.