Chinese New Year wine and meat constantly, how to raise the spleen and stomach?

Chinese New Year wine and meat constantly, how to raise the spleen and stomach?

Click to buy the Spring Festival, everyone will inevitably gather together, drink a little wine, big fish and meat, which will cause great damage to the spleen and stomach. Severe symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding will occur.Spleen?

  What spleen and stomach to drink porridge 1, millet yam porridge Materials: fresh yam, millet, sugar.

  Method: Wash and mash the yam, cook it with millet for porridge, add the right amount of sugar, and eat on an empty stomach.

  Effect: spleen and diarrhea, digestion and stagnation.

It is also suitable for children with weak spleen and stomach and indigestion.

  2, potato porridge material: 100 grams of potatoes, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Peel potatoes, clean them, cut into small pieces, and cook porridge with rice.

  Efficacy: Potatoes are sweet and flat, with spleen and moderate, and beneficial qi tone effects. This porridge is suitable for dry stomach, stomach pain, constipation and so on.

  3, milk porridge ingredients: 100 grams of rice, 500 grams of milk.

  Method: After the rice is washed, boiled with water and boiled, and when it is boiled with low heat to make porridge, pour in milk and stir well. Continue cooking on low heat for about 40-50 minutes.

Can be eaten directly or with sugar or salt depending on taste.

  Efficacy: Tonic Qi, nourish stomach and muscles.

  4, yam and red date sticky rice porridge materials: 100 grams of yam, 10 red dates, 100 grams of glutinous rice, the amount of sugar or rock sugar.

  Method: Wash and peel yam, cut glutinous rice and red dates into pot with yam, add water to cook together, first boil on fire, then turn to slow heat, then add proper sugar or rock sugar when the porridge is ready.
  Efficacy: Chinese yam and red dates and glutinous rice porridge can strengthen the spleen and nourish the qi, nourish the stomach and medium, and often take the spleen and nourish the stomach.

  5, chestnut porridge material: rice porridge 1 small bowl, 3 chestnuts.


  Method: Peel the chestnuts and chop them.

Set the pot on the fire, add water, add chestnuts to cook, mix with rice porridge and cook until cooked, add salt to make it have a light salty taste.

Chestnuts must be peeled off and cooked.

  Efficacy: Chestnut porridge is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other nutrients.

Chestnuts are abundant in autumn, and eating them in moderation is good for the body.

Although chestnuts are rich in nutrition, they are easy to bloat if they eat too much.

How to treat acupuncture treatment of chronic rhinitis

How to treat acupuncture treatment of chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is usually caused by respiratory infections such as colds and colds, so we should actively exercise to enhance our resistance in daily life.

So how to treat chronic rhinitis in life?

Then let’s take a look at the acupoint treatment of chronic rhinitis!

Acupoint therapy for chronic rhinitis We can completely prevent and treat our chronic rhinitis through acupressure exercises.

The first section: 揉印堂穴 and 攒竹穴 Before the exercise, we first came to know the position of “Yintang Cave” and “攒竹穴”.

The Yintang point is at the midpoint of the line connecting the two brow heads; there are two points in the bamboo hole, which are recessed at the edge of the left and right sides of the brow.

You can find it with your fingers.

Put the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger together. The middle finger is slightly higher than the index finger and the ring finger.

Next, let the middle finger’s finger belly press in the Yintang hole, the index finger and the ring finger’s finger belly are naturally pressed on the “攒竹穴”.

Now, these three fingers press 揉30 counterclockwise at the same time.

Frequently pressing these two points can make our minds clearer, our eyes brighter and the health care effect very obvious.

Section 2: Click on the Yingxiang Point Yingxiang Point on both sides of the nose, about one centimeter of wrinkles, when we pick up the upper lip, in the nasolabial groove on both sides of the nose, you can find this point.

Use the index finger of both hands to prevent the two sides from welcoming the acupoints and press 30 times.

Yingxiang Point is the intersection of the hand, foot and Yangming.

It can receive the turbidity of the grains of the Yangming stomach and transport the Qingyang gas of the large intestine to the stomach.

Point pressure Yingxiang points can eliminate rhinitis, pass the nasal congestion, stop the nose, it can also go to toothache, a cold.

Especially when the upper tooth has a toothache, press this point with your finger to quickly relieve the pain.

Section 3: Frequent massage of this point on the acupoints is very effective in treating rhinitis.

The meaning of this name is that the Du Meridian blood is liquefied here and falls.

The prime point is on the tip of the nose, which is the place where the nose is.

We use the right palm to press on the tip of the nose, that is, on the prime hole, you must use the palm, because this is the “Lao Gong”.

Press the palm of your right hand on the prime point, and rub it 20 times counterclockwise. Then, switch to the palm of your hand and press it on the prime point. Twice clockwise.

The prime of the prime point, the ancient time refers to the white oysters, which means the gap.

The reason why this acupoint is called Suyu point refers to the water and wet air. After this point, the heat is condensed into water and wet gas, and it is returned to the ground by this hole. The liquid of the ground can only leak from the small volume.

Therefore, often according to the 揉素素廖穴 can dehumidify and reduce turbidity, through the nose, and eliminate rhinitis.

Section 4: This section of the nose has become the nasal wash we have practiced in the past.

The difference is that the nose is covered with the middle finger and the belly of the nose, and this exercise is to use both hands to push the sides of the nose and push the sides of the nose from the Yintang to the lips.

Let’s practice “snapping the nose” together.

Frequently pushing the nose can promote the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa, reduce the stimulation of cold air to the lungs, enhance the cold resistance, cause rhinitis, sinusitis and nosebleed, and make the sense of smell more sensitive.

Section 5: The bath surface is to push the face with both hands and fingers, including the nose, forehead, and buttocks, as if to bathe the face.

Ok, let’s do exercises together now.

In the health care exercise, the “dry-cleaning face” has been divided many times, and it is obvious that the role of this exercise is very important.

It can help adjust blood pressure, eliminate fatigue, and strengthen the facial features, so that the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and maintain a healthy state.

For patients with chronic rhinitis, in addition to practicing exercise exercises, appropriate exercise should be carried out to enhance physical fitness, pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eat more vegetables, fruits, supplement various vitamins, reduce the occurrence of diseases such as colds, in order to be effective.Regional chronic rhinitis.

What to do with chicken skin on legs 3 strokes to smooth skin

What to do with chicken skin on legs 3 strokes to smooth skin

Did the MMs find that, in the fall, the skin on the legs was no longer dry and itchy, and then things like chicken skin appeared.

What should we do?

How to remove these chicken skins?

Today, I will introduce a few tips for removing chicken skin, so that everyone can keep smooth skin at all times.

  First, the coup of removing chicken skin Coupling one: ① Gentle exfoliation Because “chicken skin” is related to thickening of the horny skin, gentle exfoliation is necessary, but it must not be excessive.

  There are many ways to exfoliate. When we bathe, we use a bath milk containing scrub particles, and use a bath sponge, bath ball, etc. to rub the body vigorously to achieve an exfoliating effect.

However, washing this way every day will make the “chicken skin”, which is already very dry, unbearable, and will become thinner and drier, which in turn will stimulate the “chicken skin” to become stronger.

The keratin renewal cycle of our skin is 28-45 days, so such a vigorous exfoliation, once a month and a half is enough.

  The milder method of exfoliating is to use bath salt (table salt also has exfoliating effect, but the sodium in it will dry the skin. People with “chicken skin” still use Dead Sea bath salt absorbed by water).

You can take a bath with bath salt, or you can first dissolve the bath salt with hot water, and then mix it in a plant-based bath milk (the shower cream with many chemical agents will chemically react with the bath salt) and use it in the shower.

When bathing with bath salt, you can also add rose and sandalwood essential oils to exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

  Coup two: “Chicken skin”, which has a speed of less than one grain, makes people want to “remove quickly,” but squeezing, grasping, squeezing makes the tissue around the pores edema, so that the pore openings become smaller.It is easier to eliminate, and it will cause acne and folliculitis; if scratched, it will cause inflammation and pigmentation.

So do not scratch or scratch.

  If you need to show smooth and beautiful skin on important occasions, ask your dermatologist for help.

Applying retinoic acid, or skin peeling under the guidance of a professional physician, can make the skin appear clear and clear within a few days.

It’s just an “emergency method”. It treats the symptoms but not the root causes. If you do this often, it will make the skin’s barrier function weaker and make the skin drier and more sensitive.

  Tip three: Moisturizing is more important than exfoliating. Moisturizing the skin-exfoliating is just a means.

  ”Chicken skin” is very dehydrated and oily skin. It is not enough to moisturize with general body milk. Instead, use body milk specially formulated for very dry skin sold in pharmacies.Body Lotion, La Roche-Posay Yingrun Body Cream, Vichy Nutrition Body Cream 2 etc.

You should also use moisturizing cleaning products when bathing, sometimes La Roche-Posay nourishing soap, Avene soap-free moisturizing skin soap and so on.

  Another important point is that the temperature of the bath water must be maintained at about 40 ° C.

In winter, many people like to use hot water, which makes them comfortable.

However, hot water can easily “degrease” and wash away the skin’s oil too much. When the body leaves the hot water, the water on the skin surface will evaporate immediately and it will also take away the skin ‘s water.

This is all “aggravated” for “chicken skin”.

  Second, diet should pay attention to 1, you can eat more fruits and vegetables, which will help remove chicken skin recovery.

Through diet adjustment, the effect of improving chicken skin and removing chicken skin can also be achieved.

  2, full supplementation of vitamin A, it is best to be taken from food, if you eat more, there will be adverse reactions.

  3. Don’t eat spicy things.

  4. Eat more eggs, yellow fruits, spinach, pea seedlings, red sweet potatoes, green peppers, cod liver oil, animal liver, milk, dairy products, cream.

  Third, intimate tips 1, pay attention to cleanliness of the body. To take a regular bath, it is best to take a bath every day. This is the most basic nursing measure. The main purpose of cleaning is to soften the horny skin and work on pores.

  2. Avoid direct sunlight on chicken skin. Be sure to protect the skin. Whenever and wherever, regardless of season, avoid exposing the skin to the sun. 3. Develop very good exercise habits. Exercise can make the body’s metabolism normal andSmooth sweating can take away too much water and waste from the body, and the drainage of sweat can actively open the blocked pores. This is the most important step to improve chicken skin.

How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight quickly – 1.

Complete complementary measures: If you reduce your daily supplement to 1000 kcal, you may lose 4 kg after about 5 weeks.


The production of strange foods.

Replace high-fat foods with a variety of fruits, vegetables and cereals.


Eat liquid foods: replace daily supplements with liquid foods, but be considerate that alternative foods should provide the nutrients you need.


Walking to lose weight: stick to walking and tempering.

At least 5 days a week, tempering 45 minutes a day, about 5 kilometers (maintaining a certain speed).


Outdoor sports: 3 to 5 times a week of outdoor sports, is a good way to spend the body, and raise the vitality.

But every time is more than 20 minutes.


Weightlifting: Relying on strength can also make you lose weight, because weightlifting can overexpress muscles, muscles become more and more, and the human revolution will be faster.

To avoid injury, great coach.


Do not eat too much: replace the drink with water.


The best weight loss method: While reducing fatality and transfer absorption, Shi Ji Li moves.

This method of weight loss exceeds muscle strength while reducing body weight, and it can advance cardiovascular strength.

Thousand Yuan budget enjoy 10 sets of whitening programs_1

Enjoy 10 sets of whitening schemes with a thousand yuan budget

Introduction: If whitening is a lifelong game for women, before all kinds of strange whitening desires, one thing is the same: they are more durable and more detailed.

Different skin types, different ages, and different seasons require specific whitening schemes. Would it be icing on the cake if you can achieve your wishes within a thousand yuan budget?


In a meticulous survey that lasted one month, we pointed directly at the top 5 popular needs, and now we have achieved our wish!


hzh {display: none; }  数说美白欲求不满  使用美白产品时,90%会搭配其他产品使用。Among them, 10% of them have more and less enthusiasm for mashups, 71% of them will match, but the heart that keeps growing is still moving.

  More than 80% of people will use whitening products together with other products. The top three mashup partners are moisturizing, anti-aging, and acne products.

The biggest expectation for whitening is that the top three are uniform, brighten, and remove dark yellow, which account for 32% 48.

5% strong.

47% of whitening added value pay more attention to moisturizing, 18% pay more attention to anti-aging, and 17% pay more attention to sun protection.

The camp that wants to remove spots as soon as possible, or prevent potential spots, has expanded to an astounding 21% of people this year, hoping to get a faster whitening effect in a safer way!

  Plan1 is so tender that it squeezes water for whitening, and it’s loved!

  The problem of whitening and moisturizing has always been a problem for many people.

In fact, high-end products such as Sisley and Lancome have a good moisturizing reputation.

If you want to make the whitening moisturizing effect more durable, the combination of whitening and moisturizing essence can almost eat all four seasons.

  Fancl Revitalizing Essence 298 Yuan + Impressive Beauty Intensive Care Qin Bai Essence Milk 720 Yuan Why Why?

  ○ Fancl Revitalizing Essence does not contain moisturizing ingredients from its name, but it contains a precious ingredient-okra pods.

Unlike the supplement of hyaluronic acid to the skin from the outside, this component is like a dark river of natural water source, which can promote the formation of hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer and generate water itself.

The price is very close to the people. Although the amount is small, using only one dime at a time is enough to moisturize the entire face.

  ○ Whitening essence milk is actually a bottle of essence, but a small amount is very rich, taking into account the water-locking function of the lotion, even the moisturizing cream is saved!

However, this is not exactly the reason to recommend it. This new bottle contains the star whitening ingredient tyrosinase, which was successfully developed by Kanebo cosmetics for 13 years.

It is the best at cleaning melanin precipitation caused by sun exposure.

  Favorite name Extreme Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Essence 550 yuan + Givenchy Whitening Brightening Brightening Milk SPF20 500 yuan

  ○ Among the moisturizing essences, the price is around 500 yuan, but this bottle of S moisturizing essence recommended in the early years has an upgraded version this year.

The most tempting is the addition of hyaluronic acid made by microbial fermentation, which can adsorb water molecules 800 times higher molecular weight!

And hyaluronic acid itself exists in the human body and will not conflict with current star whitening ingredients. It is very safe to mix and match.

  ○ Whitening is always inseparable from sunscreen, but whitening products with sun protection index often use water-in-oil molecular structure. After use, they are not too oily or dry, so they are most suitable for mixing with moisturizing essence.

Givenchy launches this whitening milk this year with both whitening base and sun protection. It also designed a super intimate brush head outlet, which is more convenient to apply!

  Plan2 spotted earlier, acne bye!

  If you compare dry skin to desert, then the spots are the desert in the desert. For many people who don’t live long, don’t rush to complain about skin care products first, you have to ask the spots to quench their thirst.

Therefore, whether it is a combination of spots or acne marks, the following whitening toner should be applied.

Using them for topical wet compresses is a common method for whitening people.

  Lancome Smart Pleasure Whitening Toner (Moisturizing) 490 yuan + Bejas High-Performance White Regenerating Full-Skin Antioxidant 580 yuan.

hzh {display: none; }  为什么这样搭?   ○ Lancome’s whitening series has always been focused on emotional cards, and it has the most to deal with the dullness under pressure.

It has two types of refreshing and moisturizing. It is recommended to choose a larger and richer moisturizing type. Editors often use it as a paper film to reduce stress on the skin.

It nourishes the skin and restores skin’s eating.   ○ In the unknown Begas whitening series, this bottle of full-effect blemish extract can take almost all kinds of spots.

It contains anti-oxidant effect, and the inflammation and oxidation caused by the sun can be quickly repaired to avoid oxidation into dark spots and age spots.

  ○ I want this pair of partners to play their role in a restorative way, and follow the method below: pour a dollar of whitening lotion on the cotton sheet, wipe the spots, squeeze a pearl amount of light spot essence and apply on the spots, and finally,Cover the cotton pad just before and wet it until it is completely absorbed.

  Dior Xuejingling Huanbai Brightening Essence Essence Pen 630 yuan + Aupele Multi-Spot Whitening Liquid 400 yuan

  ○ This Dior Spot Essence is my favorite product for editing. It has the excellent effect of diminishing acne marks, which I also experienced first-hand.

It is worth mentioning that its exit is very special. It is a very soft film with a small pinhole on it.

This design is more sanitary than ordinary hair brushes, and bacteria are not easy to hide.

  ○ Acne marks are the residual deposits left after the acne retreat. At this time, what it needs most is actually “drink water”, so there is also an expression of “want to make acne marks invisible, and you must first quench it”.

Aupele Zhenbai Beauty Liquid can improve the “slightly burning state” that the human body can’t detect inside the skin, both hydrating and calming the skin. Acne marks especially need this “thirst quencher”.

  Plan3 is not young, and whitening is also available!

  Linking whitening and anti-aging, women’s desire for whitening is outrageous!

However, a face that does not need to be too white, but white enough, does make you look younger.

Therefore, using whitening to prevent the highest state of aging is to make the “age spots” late, and then try to close the gap.

  Shiseido Whitening Skin Color Control Cream SPF30 + PA +++ 360 yuan + SK-II only white crystal Huan Freckle Essence 780 yuan so why?

  ○ Color Control Cream is a new product in Shiseido’s whitening series this year, but it is not as simple as concealing concealer. The powder contains multi-effect repairing Vitamin C, and it is covered with blemish.

Sun protection is most needed on the spots, and the SPF index is also intimate.

  ○ Absolute star in SK-II whitening, go to the forum to see the evaluation of its blemish and praise.

If you have the strength to suggest, then put on the fairy water, the effect is better.

  Why Clarins Clear Whitening Revitalizing Renewal Serum + Clarins Deep Whitening Serum?

  ○ It is the insight into the market demand that whitening and anti-aging want to marry. The combination launched by Clarins this year is directly named: Clear Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle Combination.

At the same time whitening can also reduce the fine lines, I do not know how many women will be happy.

  ○ There are 6 sticks in a set, 3 sticks and 3 whitening sticks.

Skin rejuvenation is used in the first step, followed by whitening.

One dose is used for exactly one week, and one set is just a skin metabolism cycle.

  The essence of Plan4 can be used for three times, and two basic whitening essentials!

  Don’t underestimate the functions such as whitening and cleansing, toner, etc. In the “Boutique” whitening special volume, Viviene Ho, who has been running whitening for 11 years, is a master who cultivated dazzling results with basic whitening.

Accumulate the most amazing results every day with the seemingly weakest whitening cleansing.

  Chanel Whitening Foaming Cleansing Milk 450 Yuan + Chanel Whitening Softening Essence Water 525 Yuan Why Why?

  ○ Some people totally ignore the open-circuit effect of whitening cleansers and toners on the cleaning of old waste keratin.

The foam of Chanel Whitening Foaming Cleansing Milk is delicate and soft, and it will become better to massage the skin.

After using it to clean your face, even if you don’t apply anything, you will see that your skin is clearly translucent.

  ○ The weight of Chanel Whitening Softening Essence is very clear, and you can put it in the palm of your hand.

The skin is craving for this refreshing feeling, and sometimes even takes two photos to be satisfied.

It enhances the overall translucent feeling of the skin and makes you look good, which is the good thing of this pair of partners.

  Guerlain Completely Deep Whitening Pure Toner 470 yuan + Guerlain Completely Deep Whitening Pure Toner 450 yuan Why is this so?

  ○ Among the whitening people we interviewed, some people fell in love with this whitening cleansing, and they have not changed their heart after five years of packaging!

If you already have a good whitening blank, it is good to use it to consolidate the results.

Lovers say that the most fascinating is the fragrance of orchids. When you cleanse, you will naturally wash more carefully when you feel better.

  ○ Slight scent of toner, gently exfoliates while cleaning for the second time.

Cotton swabs will relatively brighten, making skin tone more even.You can “cooperate happily” with any subsequent product.

  Plan5 is more pink and less black and yellow with other skin slices. Yellow people have more yellow, green, and even carrot in their skin.

Therefore, the yellow skin is thin, and most of the dishes are covered on our heads.

In the all-pervading whitening world, finding the balance with the repair cream is the easiest and fastest way.

Want to fundamentally adjust, or Koreans first thought of a solution.

  Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Revealing Cream SPF25PA ++ 420 yuan + Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Serum 680 yuan

  ○ Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening Revealing Cream is subtly divided into 5 color numbers, which is beyond the reach of other brands.

It is best matched with Asian coral color, which can shield the black, yellow, and green in skin tone, and it looks fair and pink.

  ○ Whitening essence contains precious red algae extract. In addition to the freckle concerned in many whitening products, laboratory data prove that it can reduce yellow gas by 74% after 8 weeks of continuous use!

Very powerful and tempting results.

  L’Oreal Xue Yan Whitening Double Pure Pure Milk 210 yuan + O HUI New Crystal Soft White Double Effect Essence 880 yuan

  ○ Rare tourmaline ingredients can “reduce the yellow and add powder” to the skin, which is also the most attractive selling point of L’Oreal’s new whitening products this year.

  ○ Most of the whitening products only pay attention to melanin. The brightest part of O HUI’s whitening essence is the hypnotic management of melanin and carotene in the skin at the same time, which fundamentally relieves the skin from yellowing and blackening.

Chinese divorce company rises boss sets three standards for asexuality, unhelpfulness and lovelessness

Chinese divorce company rises boss sets three standards for asexuality, unhelpfulness and lovelessness

Divorce companies charge a lot of money. Although they have pointed out that they would “break down a temple and not break a marriage”, some consumers point out that the divorce company is “advising the divorce company” to have an affair investigation into a divorce company.   Tang Can, a demographic expert from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out in a research report released this year that according to data published in the 2003 Beijing Statistical Yearbook, in 2002, Beijing had an average of less than two married couples per day in 2002. One couple divorced and divorced.The rate has become the highest in the country.

In the same period, according to the survey of 19 district and county marriage registration centers in Shanghai, there were 2 in Shanghai last year.

More than 70,000 couples registered for divorce by agreement, with an average of 75 pairs per day, an increase of 38 over the previous year.


This year this number is still rising.

  The social reality of high divorce rates has given birth to the divorce consulting agency industry.

After the new companies such as wedding companies, marriage supermarkets, surrogacy companies and other special companies that meet people’s life needs, the divorce company officially launched and became a new economy. Although some people call it a “persuasion and persuasion” company, some people evaluate it asImmoral company, but many people don’t take it for granted that a divorce company just meets the legitimate needs of society.

  Regarding the high-level viewpoint of Shanghai Weiqing Company, the owner of Shanghai Weiqing Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Shuxin attaches great importance to it.

His company takes the form of scoring people and evaluates their marital status. If they pass the evaluation, they advise you to continue your marriage and make appropriate adjustments to the status quo. If they fail, they will help you divorce as soon as possible.

Shu Xin’s explanation for this is: “Our starting point is to demolish a small temple rather than break a marriage and be very cautious.

If it is indeed on the verge of divorce or it is already a death marriage, it is indeed painful, unfair and immoral. In this case, we still advise divorce.

“The name of the website of Shanghai Weiqing Company, which opened on March 8, 2004, is very shocking, and it is called” World Divorce Network “.

For more than a year, they have helped nearly 500 people end their marriages and strive to bring the greatest benefits to clients in terms of property and child ownership.

According to Shu Xin, the two of them helped divorce and were also responsible for mediation, with fees ranging from 60 to 800 per hour.

  For the right to leave, Shuxin has a set of standards for so-called “three no policies”-asexual, unhelpful, and unloving.

To this standard, the company’s lawyer Jiang explained with a case.

  In this case, an actor who came to the company for help was an actor. After working hard, she has already earned tens of thousands of dollars a month, but her husband, who was better than her income, lost her job because of the downturn in the unit.The fall, the husband began to suspect that his wife was having an affair, and hid a kitchen knife near the pillow while sleeping.

The wife was very frightened at that time, and ran back to her mother to hide. The husband then ran to the mother-in-law and the parents could not afford to kneel, and smashed his head with a stone, in order to restore his wife’s love.

  After the mediation by Weiqing Company failed, lawyer Jiang was corrected as: “I suggest she still break up. (This marriage) is definitely useless. Its harm is more than the benefits that can be obtained in the marriage. It is already obvious because it involves the person.Hurt.

“The charges and services provided by the company are clearly marked.

Marriage quality analysis, husband and wife emotional counseling, and marriage-related counselling. These items range from 200 to 300 yuan per hour, while family and friendship consultation fees are lower, ranging from 60 to 120 yuan per hour.

  The company’s relatively high-cost projects are like affair consultation, which costs 300 to 400 yuan an hour, and the property division consultation can reach up to 800 yuan per hour.

In addition, if out-of-office services are required, the company charges on a daily basis, with an interval of one hour a day. The affair investigation and evidence collection is 3,000 yuan per working day, and the marriage maintenance service is the most expensive, requiring 5,000 yuan per working day.

  Like Shanghai, Shenzhen in the south also has many “ViQi companies” set up, but most of them appear under the name of marriage consulting companies. Due to fear of being immoral, most of these companies dare not call themselves divorce companies.

  Wang Weizhi, the boss of a marriage consulting company in Shenzhen, told reporters that their company is mainly composed of three types of people, the first type is psychological counselors. Since most people who want to divorce are accompanied by various psychological problems, they need to conduct a certain degree ofRegulate, “our psychological counselors are at least undergraduate graduates, and generally charge 200 yuan per hour,” Wang Weizhi said.

  The second category is the fact investigator, or evidence collector. Wang Weizhi explained that because the client may have a divorce lawsuit, in order to be in a more favorable position on issues such as property division and child ownership, we generally need toA month or so of investigation and evidence, some kind of affair of his spouse, etc.

  According to Wang Weizhi, their company took over a divorce lawsuit four months ago. After the woman paid up to 5,000 yuan a day, the company sent replacement investigators to the northeast. It was investigated that the woman’s husband had been in the northeast.After remarriage, after getting enough evidence, they helped the woman to convict her husband of a bigamy crime and admitted to guaranteeing the woman’s interests.

  Another type of company in this company is a divorce lawyer. They are the core members of the company and mainly help the company’s clients in various divorce lawsuits.

Wang Weizhi revealed to reporters: “This is actually no different from western divorce lawyers, except that our divorce companies generally provide services such as psychological counseling and have more relative functions.

“Physical physicist defense lawyers do not believe that they do not violate any moral ethics, nor are they” advising to divorce the company. “However, the current divorce company has caused huge controversy in society.
  One party, such as Gu Jun, a professor at the Department of Sociology of Shanghai University, believes that “the rise in the divorce rate indicates that marriage is bound to decline in social life.

People’s freedom to choose a state of life has increased, and they no longer have to maintain their marital status all their lives, as in the past.

This phenomenon (referring to the appearance of a divorce company) is normal, and the new Marriage Law gives people such freedom.

The other side argues that these companies’ restructuring of families in crisis is a considerable misleading effect.

Ms. Li, who had spent thousands of yuan to the divorce company to ask for help in divorce, used her experience to tell reporters the irresponsibility of the divorce company.

  Ms. Li also found a divorce company because she suspected her husband was having an affair.

“They asked me for 3,000 yuan, and they gave me two photos two days later, stating that my husband cheated. I saw that it was impossible. The woman in the photo was my husband’s distant cousin.

“So I didn’t believe them anymore. I think this company is at least not serious and not very responsible.Of course, they also understand that they do this. You can only make money if you divorce, so misleading is inevitable.

Drink three glasses of water a day, initially in the belly

Drink three glasses of water a day, initially in the belly

Some people say that drinking water will be fat, in fact, drinking water can lose weight and detoxification, then how to drink water to effectively lose weight and not easy to edema?

Old Chinese medicine doctors give you advice, how to drink three cups of water a day, the initial belly of excess meat.

First, drink water in the morning to reduce the belly, drink white water before breakfast in the morning, light honey water or water added with cellulose, can accelerate the gastrointestinal motility, replace the garbage and metabolites in the body overnight, and gradually appear in the bellyOpportunity.

Second, drinking water before meals to reduce appetite Many people are not considered obese, but after eating, you will see a appetite of the bulge bulge out, even if you have not eaten, this small appetite needs inhalation to cover up, this isThe most standard baby fat.

Then it is best to drink a glass of water before a meal, which can reduce the sense of obesity and reduce the intake of food. The appetite will be small after a long time.

At the same time, it can also supplement the water needed by the body and accelerate metabolism.

Third, the most important form of drinking water in the afternoon to reduce excess meat is excess meat, which is caused by sedentary, high-conversion food.

In the afternoon tea, it is the time when people feel tired and tired, but at this time it is because of the distorted fragile time caused by emotions. Of course, the price is extra meat.

Fourth, herbal tea reduces appetite. You can drink a cup of herbal tea to dispel the desire to eat because of emotions. At the same time, the smell of flowers can reduce the appetite, and it can be regarded as an ambush for eating only seven full meals.

Where does one’s meanness start?

Where does one’s meanness start?

In life, there are often people who somehow don’t make you happy and can’t help saying harsh words.

People who are “critical and ruthless”, especially in speech, are always jagged.

In the network, it is even more unhealthy vents for some people.

  Some people say that meanness may result from inadequate ability or from a broken heart or chest . What I want to highlight here is that in fact, mean people may also be unhappy.

  To put it another way, one day, if you don’t like to praise others, and you don’t like all flowers, it may mean that you start to be unhappy.

The stronger you are, the more generous you are; the happier you are, the more you can appreciate and accept others.

  Dai told Fa, “Who is scaring the ocean knife from his shoulder?

“Fa paired up against each other and said,” I lost all my pants and belts, and my face came out? ”

“6 to 9 said:” Are you tired of taking the big top all day?

9 to 6 sneer: “Are you tired all day long?

“5 to 2 said:” Look at your slave-faced knees.

“2 to 5 asks,” Why don’t you talk about your corrupt big belly? ”

“Sharking conversations like this are familiar to us.

Once, in the coffee house, I heard two half-year-old Xu Niang recklessly commenting on a girl leaving with her foreign boyfriend, saying that her legs were short: it seems that she can’t wear high-top shoes, otherwise the upper will hit the buttocks. I have also seen ugly and fat people quarreling on the street. Fat women have been scolded as “hormone-eating pigs”. Fat women sneered: “At least I have been thin. Have you ever been beautiful?

“Without tolerance and appreciation, such a heart is actually unhappy.

It’s so mean that it smells like an apple because it’s rotten inside.

Impetuous, fragile, narrow, extreme, and then mean.

The so-called “good-natured heart” is precious, even more noble, and has the style of everyone.

More tolerance, less narrow slits, talking with each other cheerfully, and being calm in doing things, is about social harmony and more about one’s happiness.

  A female writer tells me why she ca n’t love Zhang Ailing because she always feels that “she is standing far away from the crowd, and there is always a disdainful smile at the corner of her mouth to look at the common things, and then useThe simplest and most mean words describe what happened.

“It’s mean, people make distance and feel cold.

I comforted her and said that Zhang Ailing “too much need a real man to love her to care for her and warm her.” For those who do not love, the bed is cold, the heart is cold, and the lips are cold.

  The meager surface is an attack, it is actually self-defense!

It seems to exaggerate your “bad”, but in fact cannot adapt to your “good”.

Therefore, the mean person is pitiful, hurts others, and is annoying; therefore, he must be more forgiving to the mean person. For those who “can’t afford those mistakes”, in addition to pity, they just ignore, forgive, and then leave with grace and smile.

Happy people do not quarrel because their hearts are gentle, peaceful, and peaceful.

Do not drink cola for half an hour after exercise

Do not drink cola for half an hour after exercise

When you play sports with high blood pressure, you sometimes feel soreness in your lower back or body muscles, become tired and uncomfortable, and sometimes even feel asphyxiated.

At this point, a glass of cold cola was really cool.

However, cola contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, and it is these two ingredients that determine that cola cannot be recommended as a sports drink.

  A sufficient amount of carbonic acid can sterilize and inhibit bacteria in beverages, and also take away the body’s transformation through evaporation, thereby reducing the effect of temperature.

But the carbon dioxide in cola allows us to enjoy coolness and stimulating taste, but also bring some stimulation to our digestive system.

Especially before exercise, it may cause bloating in the body and cause abdominal pain during exercise.

  After a certain amount of exercise, everyone will feel more or less physical fatigue and soreness, which is because our body produces acidic substances during exercise, and the accumulation of acidic substances will cause physical fatigue.

At this time, if you supplement the body with cola containing phosphoric acid, it will increase the degree of fatigue of the body, make the body’s pH not neutralize, and fatigue will not recover easily.

  Experts advise: Do not drink cola for at least half an hour before and after exercise.

Because the body loses a lot of electrolytes during exercise, drinking alkaline drinks containing electrolytes after exercise is the right choice.

Tips on Exfoliating Safely


Tips on Exfoliating Safely

In the face of these delicate and fresh small cells that were still in the skin yesterday, it is an attitude you must consider carefully to drive away or leave them alone.


hzh {display: none; }  医学的态度:角质层的细胞是肌肤表面透明的保护层,在一定程度上能够防止外界环境对肌肤和内部器官的侵扰,对健康的肌肤是益大于弊的。However, when skin diseases such as keratosis occur, drug intervention is required.

  Natural attitude: No one caused the flowers not to fade away, and the setting sun will definitely appear tomorrow.

Our skin is also an original masterpiece of nature, and each cell will complete their life course in 28 days.

This natural law of old and new replacement cannot be changed at will.

  Beautiful attitude: The stratum corneum is the old waste cell that has lost its vitality. If it is replaced in time, it will directly affect the appearance of the skin.

For example, the skin looks thick, and the foundation is difficult to evenly spread during makeup.

  The attitude of “Fashion and Health”: Exfoliation is a process of artificially helping the skin to vomit, and it is a degree of consideration.

Our suggestion is that if you have dry skin or in the dry season, the exfoliation cycle is best once every two weeks; if you have oily skin or in the wet season, the exfoliation cycle is best once a week.

  Exfoliate rest assured-the red light stopped, the green light line finally understood that the keratinocytes that we call “dead” skin are not dead, it is like a little cunning gift for creations to beautiful women, except to understand it,You have to treat it well, so that you can have beautiful skin with a healthy glow.


Red light: Excessive peeling.

  Dangerous accident: You may have found yourself trapped in a vicious circle.

Constantly exfoliating, there is almost no weakening of the protective function of the stratum corneum; what’s worse is that it disrupts the skin’s metabolic cycle and causes chaos in the microcirculation, especially those ladies who hate blackheads and shine are likely to leave a keratinocyteAnd hypersecretion of sebaceous glands.

Green light: Understand the skin’s metabolism cycle and regularly remove old waste cells waiting to be replaced.

It usually takes about 28 days for skin cells to go from newborn to death. Mature dry skin has a slower metabolism and oily skin is faster. To understand your correct skin metabolism cycle, you also need eyes and fingers to help you.Analysis is OK.

  The “V” belt of dry skin or combination skin, turning the head under the light, the skin surface does not reflect the luster, the skin tone is yellow or blue, the thick moisturizing cream still feels tight, rub it slightlyA few times, there will be raised dander.


Red light: Exfoliated skin can always stay soft and fair.

  Dangerous accident: At the beginning, the skin was really renewed, but after a few days of outdoor activities, I often get tanned, and sometimes feel hot and cold, and will feel tight and tingly.

  Green light: When the stratum corneum is thinned, the newly exposed skin is as weak as a baby and requires additional protection.

After cleaning the horny 3?
For 4 days, with or without sunlight, use a moisturizing day cream with a sun protection index before going out.


Red light: thinks that only exfoliating face is needed.

  Dangerous accident: He was going to kiss your back affectionately, but happily counted the small acne scattered like constellations on it; put on the newly bought beautiful sandals, but found that rough toes are more eye-catching .Do not drop points below a woman’s face.

  Green light: Exfoliate the body carefully.

The body skin is also dry and oily, and the thickness of the stratum corneum is also different. Therefore, we must treat the products and methods differently.

  Tip: A highly recommended topical skin rejuvenation scrub: use a body scrub with a fragrance of natural tiny particles during the shower.

  Effective parts: strong skin secretion of sebaceous glands such as chest, back, chest.

  Effect: Thoroughly clean pores and prevent acne. The residual aroma can neutralize the odor generated by sweat and sebum.

  Bubble method: Dissolve a certain proportion of bath salt in the bathtub and soak it for more than 20 minutes.

  Effective parts: Extremities joints, hands and feet are often exposed, thicker stratum corneum.

Effect: Under the action of salt and hot water, the usually hard transparent cuticle will turn white, and it can be peeled off by rubbing it with your fingers.