[Can you eat apples if you have chickenpox]

[Can you eat apples if you have chickenpox]

It is very easy for young children to get chickenpox.

Children need to pay attention to many dietary problems when they have chickenpox.

Some spicy food and seafood are not edible.

So, can you eat apples if you have chickenpox?

Experts tell you that you can eat apples, but not too much.

When getting chickenpox, it is best to keep your diet light and pay attention to hygiene.


Pay attention to disinfection and cleaning of clothes that have come into contact with varicella herpes solution. They should be discarded, towels, dressings, toys, tableware, etc. Take washing, drying, ironing, cooking, burning and disinfecting according to the situation, and do not share with healthy people.

At the same time, change your clothes and keep your skin clean.


Regularly opening windows and air circulation can also kill viruses in the air, but care must be taken to prevent patients from getting cold when ventilating the room.

The room can let in the sun and open the glass windows.


If the fever is reduced, it is best to use ice pillows, towels, and drink plenty of water.

To allow sick children to rest and eat a nutritious and digestible diet, drink plenty of boiling water and fruit juice.


Pay attention to changes in the condition, such as persistent high fever, wheezing, or vomiting, headache, irritability, or lethargy after the rash is discovered, and you should be sent to the hospital for medical treatment in a timely manner.


Avoid carefully scratching the broken rash, especially pay attention not to scratch the broken rash, so as to prevent herpes from being caught and cause purulent infection. If the damage is deep, it may leave marks.

To prevent this, cut your child’s nails short and keep hands clean.