[Tangbao meat filling recipe]_How to make_How to make

[Tangbao meat filling recipe]_How to make_How to make

People who have never eaten soup packs should all yearn for the taste of soup packs, because those who eat soup packs are often seen on the television with a satisfied face.

Especially after the thin skin of the soup bag is bitten, the moment when the soup comes out is the most wonderful moment.

When making soup pots, in addition to the outer skin selection of the cans, the filling selection is also very important.

Because only when the filling is selected correctly can the soup pack produce a strong soup, then what is the choice of fillings for the soup pack?

The basic meat filling of the soup pot generally replaces the pork leg meat, and it is best to be the kind of pork leg meat that is 7 points thin and 3 points fat, without a little fascia.

This kind of meat is easy to chop and stuff. If you freeze the pork leg for a while and then take the chop, you can chop the mince in a few minutes.

After the meat is chopped, add cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper and salt and stir well. The next step is to grab the water into the meat. The amount of water is about half of the meat, and 1 kg of water for 2 kg of meat.

In the step of grabbing the water into the meat, the most important thing is not to pour the water all at once. Add a little water for the first time, and slowly stir the meat clockwise.

Remember, stir clockwise from beginning to end. This direction must not be wrong. If it is initially counterclockwise, it will continue to be counterclockwise until the water is absorbed by the meat and then pour water.Pour it a little bit, wait until the water is absorbed, then add the stirring speed from slow to fast. The meat filling after mixing should be jelly-like and no excess water can be seen.

At this point, the basic meat filling of the soup pot is complete.

In order to wrap it better, you can freeze it for an hour in the refrigerator, and then you can easily wrap it.

Mysterious ingredients one: tofu, tofu, soy sauce.

A pound of meat filling with a piece of tofu, two spoons of bean curd, and two spoons of soy sauce are the ceramic spoons we use for soup.

With these ingredients, there is no need for salt and ginger.

Mysterious ingredient two: water for mushrooms.

Use the water of the mushrooms instead of water to catch the meat.

Mysterious recipe three: Shandong green onion minced.

Chop Shandong green onions into minced shallots and mix well with sesame oil before use.

When you start filling the soup, put the minced onion on top of the minced meat, put an appropriate amount of minced meat on the skin, and then put a proper amount of minced onion on the skin.

Remember not to mix the minced green onions in the meat, which will initially cause the smell of onion in the soup.