Li Dong to make up the winter, how to make up?

Remember 3 sentences!

Li Dong “to make up the winter”, how to make up?
Remember 3 sentences!

Today is the winter season, and the winter has always had the custom of “making winter and making up winter”.

As the saying goes, “Winter tonic, going up the mountain to fight the tiger, can’t “blindly make up”, how to make up?

Xiao Gu teaches everyone a few words to make up for it!

The first sentence is less salty, more hard, and safe to make up!

From the beginning of the winter, the cold weather officially entered the stage of the season.

Chinese medicine believes that it can be tonic at this time, but the diet should be “less salty, more bitter”, because according to the theory of Chinese medicine, winter is the time when the kidney is strong, and the kidney is salty, and the heart is bitter.

If the salty taste is eaten in winter, it will make the kidney water that is already biased more exciting, and the five elements of water will ignite the fire, thus weakening the strength of the heart, so you should eat more bitter food at this time to help the heart, soCan resist the kidney water that has passed.

Recommended: bitter food bitter gourd, celery, lettuce, lettuce and other vegetables, in addition to nourishing the heart, these bitter foods in place of amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, trace elements, etc., can be used to refresh the mind, eliminate fatigue and other effects.
The second sentence is re-raised by the young, re-adjusted in the middle age, and the old age is guaranteed!

Li Dongjin’s “complement” will also vary from person to person.

Chinese medicine explains that people have different genders, old and young, and the body has the distinction between cold and heat. The principle of TCM health should be: juvenile re-raising, middle-aged re-adjustment, and old-age reassurance.

Juvenile yang is good, small supplement can be; and middle-aged people should be adjusted according to their physical condition. Some of them are very tired recently, their body becomes too big, they need special replacement, and the elderly often suffer from moreFor a chronic disease, you should know more about protection.

The temperature changes greatly before and after the winter season, the elderly should pay attention to the local warmth, and do some soft exercises, such as practicing Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin and other health exercises, which all reflect the concept of “old age reinsurance”.

Recommended: black sesame red dates porridge after the winter is colder, it is recommended to drink bowl of black sesame red dates porridge, can quickly warm the body, suitable for all ages.

Practice: Wash the rice, wash the red dates and remove the kernels, and remove the black sesame seeds into the impurities. After the cold water is boiled, put the rice (rice, water = 1:7); after boiling with the fire, add the red jujube meat, black sesame seeds, and turn to smallThe fire is slowly boiled for 30 minutes.

The third sentence is tonic in the south, warming in the north, and filling the plateau!

Tonic also pay attention to the division of the area.

The country is vast, and the climate varies greatly from north to south. Although it is winter season, people in the north have seen the snow, wearing thick cotton jackets, and the small partners in the south are wearing single-layer jackets.

In fact, there is also a regional principle in the establishment of the winter winter in the Chinese medicine: the southern Qing Dynasty, the northern warming, the plateau run-up.

The winter weather in the northern region is cold, and it is suitable for large and hot items such as cattle and lamb.

Although the area south of the Yangtze River has entered the winter, the temperature is warmer than that of the northern part. The tonic should be based on the taste of sweet and warm, such as chicken, duck and fish.

In the plateau mountainous areas, where the rainfall is reduced and the climate is biased towards dryness, the fruits and vegetables, fungus, and pears of Ganrunshengjin should be used. Trying to make a rock sugar stew is a good occupation.